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Gun Truth from your Grandma

November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends.  In case your Grandma isn’t with you any longer, here is some truth she should have told you long ago.  So if you didn’t hear it already, then hear it now from Nancy Keaton who is a mother and a grandmother.  She wrote an article titled “My Body My Choice:  a Woman’s Right to Bear Arms”, so Nancy is also an author.  Here are short excerpts from her article.

I have the right to defend my children, my grandchildren and any other loved ones.

I have the right to defend myself, no matter what the “weapon.”

I am NOT less important than politicians or others who think they deserve armed protection but I don’t, because they have an “important” job or are wealthy.

I believe that if someone should be burdened with taking another life in order to protect mine that I should be the one to bear that burden. Expecting others to deal with it to spare me the trauma is nothing short of cowardly.

That is the truth your grandma and grandpa should have told you.  There is more, so go read the rest of it here.  Thank you, Nancy.

I have a daughter, and this speaks to me.  Every disarmed woman is another potential rape victim or victim of assault.  Another robbery victim made defenseless by the state.  She has to defend herself with her bare hands because she was disarmed by some politician with a utopian fantasy where we all play nice and just get along.

The fantasy is unreal, but the victims are real.   The disarmed victim lobby would rather see more rape victims than give up their utopian fantasy.   That is a hard fact for some to swallow.  It is hard for me to swallow.  What can I say.  Your grandma should have told you a long time ago.

Now you know.

Nancy’s article is on Regis Giles’ website called Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.  Regis focuses on women in hunting and self defense.  I met Regis in Orlando at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  She has worthwhile articles on her site and I added her site to my blogroll.  Thank you, Regis.

Now you know.



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