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The Best Politicians that Money can Buy

November 16, 2012

The election of 2012 was different in an important way.  We used to throw out a political party when they screwed up the economy and people were out of work.  We don’t do that any longer.  This time we doubled down.  We used to want jobs and work.  Now we want more welfare rather than more jobs.  That is an important change in American voters.  Young men now ask for unemployment benefits and welfare.  Young women seek child support and welfare.  Welfare is the new occupation that replaced jobs and work.  We don’t want a political party whose policies would allow us to secure our financial independence.  We now look for the party that promises the most to welfare dependents.  We doubled down on dependency.  That is what I think, but the pundits disagree.

Some said that unions beat the tea party at delivering the vote.  The gay lobby says the Republicans would win if only more candidates were pro-gay.  (We tried that in San Diego and lost to the Union candidate.)  The Libertarians, all 1 percent of them, say they would have turned the election if Republicans were more libertarian like Ron Paul.  I say do the math.  The stoners promote their Marijuana legalization.  Same with open borders and amnesty.

Yeah, I know.  Their comments don’t make sense, but that is what the pundits are saying after an election.  Each is advocating that their point of view is why the Democrats won and the Republicans lost.  I disagree and think the reason is structural rather than ideological.  Government has now grown large enough to be its own end.  Wealth transfers make up two thirds of our budget.  That much money buys votes.  I expect that welfare payments will soon be indexed to inflation.  My income isn’t.

You don’t believe me?  You could be Thomas Jefferson running for city council, but these days you need a rich backer to be taken seriously.  A flood of 100 dollar donations doesn’t cut it. First find yourself a billionaire or two, and a few dozen millionaires are a weak substitute.  I speak from experience.  A billionaire threw his money into our local race and his candidate came from behind.  Money talks, either private money or union money, and preferably both if you want to win.  I’m sorry, but those politicians who have grass roots supporters without a treasure chest can leave their message on my answering machine.  “Beep.”

The people who put money into political races are the same people who get money out of politicians.  They are unions and a few large corporations who make massive campaign donations year after year.   The unions vote for their own crony union socialism.  School teachers, firefighters, police and government workers vote for more union pensions and the politicians who promise them.  Obama just added every doctor and nurse to the union payroll with Obama Care.  He added students with subsidized loans a few years ago.

It is hard to compete when politicians are using the national debt to spend other people’s money on their campaigns.  The rest of us are not large enough players in the game to matter.  The single mom votes for free abortion and child care, free healthcare and more welfare forever.  Students vote for lower rates on their subsidized student loans.  Their loyalty is bought and paid for.  These voters don’t want the “private sector” to grow.  They want the government sector to give them more.  The politicians in power can secure their political future by harming the economy and creating more dependent.  Each politician and each voter seeks his own special interest.. and the nation dies.  It is hard to compete with “free”.  We are now a nation of cannibals voting to see who will be eaten next.  Answer this, who is more likely to loose his income as taxes and regulation goes up and the economy dives, the person working a private sector job or the person on welfare?

Here is more evidence we see played out.  One side is the big city Democrats who have so destroyed their economy that they have massive unemployment and welfare.  The other side is the rural countryside where people are never out of work if they have land and water.  You can always plant, trim, weed, shovel, sort or repair.  Something always needs a new coat of paint.  It really is that simple.

It isn’t a matter of ignorance either.  Voters know what they are doing.  With the internet we can find out anything from our phones.  With the net we can also refuse to learn anything that takes more than 20 seconds investigation.  I think we live in an era of short attention span voters.  They know enough to rationalize their self interests, and anything can sound credible for 20 seconds.

  • Hurricane Sandy was caused by George Bush and big business.
  • The Military is stronger now that it is gay friendly
  • Bush killed the car companies.
  • Byonce and Elivs support Obama.
  • We are not in debt, we only borrowed from our future.

Voters believe what they want to believe.  I think it is evil that we ask our children can pay the pension for yesterdays retires.  That sounds like slavery to me.  That is the future we chose.



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  1. Paul roddan permalink
    November 17, 2012 1:58 pm

    Freedom or free stuff


  2. December 2, 2012 11:57 am

    Well said, Paul.


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