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Black People, Black Guns and Black Politics

October 19, 2012


My friend Pastor Kenn Blanchard wrote an article called “Black People, Black Guns and Black Politics” published in the Daily Caller.   One of the things Kenn said was,

“Gun control is racist.  Anyone that will give you a sidearm is an ally.  Anyone that wants to disarm you is not your friend.  Gun control has been an issue since the 1600s here in America.  Not one of the concepts for prohibition work.”

Thank you, Pastor Kenn.  I had the same thought during the last presidential debate when President Obama said he wants to regulate inexpensive handguns.  I remembered that the southern states regulated and raised the price of handguns right after the civil war.  Southern politicians supported gun control in order to disarm newly freed blacks and to leave them vulnerable to intimidation.  Our contemporary media either doesn’t know that history or chooses to ignore it today.

So what was the political reason for President Obama proposing gun control last week?  I suspect President Obama proposed more gun regulation in order to get ten million dollars from billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  It will again be the poor and the unsophisticated who pay the price of being disarmed.

Gun regulation compounds existing injuries.  Bad government policy is killing  jobs.  That pain falls disproportionally on the poor.  Crime also affects the urban poor most strongly, and now the government wants to remove their means of self defense.  That makes me mad.  Let us go ask the next inner city rape victim if she wants to be disarmed.  Go ahead and ask her.  I dare you.

I can’t prove that these policies are deliberately making victims in order to make a politically dependent class of citizens.  I can’t prove it.  I can’t prove that Mayor Bloomberg is funding another anti-gun campaign during this election cycle.  I can’t prove it, and it will be too late by the time we know for sure.

I wish one of the media who champion gun control would actually go through the process of buying a handgun in California.


Rob Morse the wonderer

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  1. October 20, 2012 4:13 am

    Until we all realize that there is no such as thing as almost free or half free, none of us will be free.
    “There is no progress without struggle”.- Fredrick Douglass


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