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Journalist Receives Award at Gun Rights Policy Conference

October 1, 2012

Miller at GRPC 2012

I thought of calling this post “Emily Gets Her Award”, but that isn’t funny unless you know some obscure facts.  Emily Miller is a senior editor at the Washington Times.  The Second Amendment Foundation gave her an award for her published expose on DC’s horrible gun laws.  Her series on gun regulation was called “Emily Gets Her Gun”.  I was at the same conference, and was curious about her interest.  Was she moved by fear, by fairness or by justice?  Her gun articles touched on each.

  • Was she motivated by fear for her personal safety and offended that she couldn’t get a gun and protect herself?  Fear works.
  • Was she offended that most poor people in DC can’t wade through the city’s licensing requirements?  What does it mean when your average DC graduate has the equivalent of an 9th grade education, yet it takes four months of work by a determined, articulate and affluent college graduate to successfully navigate the DC bureaucracy and guy a gun?  It means we’ve disarmed and disabled most citizens.
  • Was Emily moved because DC gun laws are a trap for an unwary gun owner who comes near the city and its police force?

Emily Miller Video Link

Ms Miller was led to the subject by personal experience, but I can only guess why she remains interested.   She is a professional journalist, so her personal motives are not the subject of her articles.  She spoke well at the conference (video) and joked that she is only five foot two inches tall.  She may not tower over the crowd, but you could easily find her at the conference by looking for a crowd.  I hope someone thought to ask her why she is interested in the right of self-defense.  Maybe her choice of subject is purely professional.

Emily Miller does good work and I hope she keeps going, whatever her motives might be.


David Workman took the pictures and Kenn Blanchard posted the video.  Thank you both.

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