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A Character Test at the Father/Daughter Dance

September 19, 2012


Father-daughter dances are now banned from public schools in Cranston, Rhode Island.  School Superintendent Judith Lundsten took that action after receiving a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union.  A single mother complained to the ACLU that her daughter had not been able to attend the father-daughter dance put on by her school.  They argued that any involvement for a parent of a particular sex necessarily implies sex discrimination which is forbidden by state law.  In this case, the student should not be discriminated against simply because she does not have a father.  This brings three ugly things to mind.

Legal technique-  I think of this as a state agency being pushed the way it wants to go anyway.  Say you’re a government agency and you want to regulate social activities in public and private institutions.  You don’t have the statute authority to do that (thank heaven).  A special interest group sympathetic to your aims sues you to force you to regulate these institutions.  The regulatory agency then puts up a weak defense or deliberately loses the case.  The merits of the case may never come before the judge for a ruling because the regulatory agency simply accepts the claims stipulated by the plaintiff.  The judge is forced to rule that the agency must now enforce the regulations proposed by the special interest plaintiff.  The new judicial ruling demands an interpretation never envisioned by the legislature.

The regrets of a single parent-  The single mom complained that her daughter could not attend the father/daughter dance.  In short she said that no one should have a dad since her daughter doesn’t have one.  I do not know the mother’s name or situation, but she is called a single mom.  She is not called a widow or divorcee.  It seems she decided to raise her daughter without a father.  I think she now regrets the price she asked her child to pay.  She did not find an uncle, an older brother, or a family friend to stand in for a missing father.  She demands that no one have a father.

Resentment against nature-  We are not the same.  Men are not the same as women.  If that comes as a shock, then here is a clue to the amateur social engineers in Rhode Island.  A young woman’s first boyfriend is her father.  He convinces her that she is pleasant company, and that she is fun to be around.  The light in his eyes tells her that she is attractive, intelligent, and interesting.  In short, she learns she is valuable in the eyes of the opposite sex way before she dates.  She feels so worthwhile that she need not jump into the arms of the first young male who shows her some attention.  She has the confidence that a worthwhile young man will find her attractive and pursue her.  For her, that experience with her father centers on the fact that she is a YOUNG WOMAN.  It is essentially and profoundly sexual, though not erotic in nature.  I don’t think your mom does that for you!

Some people resent that they are not a mom.  Some resent that they are not a dad.  In this case, we all are being asked to pay for their bad judgement.  Carried to its logical conclusion, we should shun parents from school since some children are orphans.  Carried to completion it should apply to all institutions not simply to public schools.  That sounds absurd to everyone except the committed Marxists.  It should.

The original ruling in Rhode Island is no less ridiculous.


Rob, the Grounded

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