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Zen and the Brave Cell Phone

September 8, 2012

Tell me this, Grasshopper, what is the sound of a dead cell phone ringing?  That is the existential question of our age.

My wife has the smart phone, the brilliant phone.  The so-smart-it-can-almost-do-our-taxes phone.. when it works.  I have the paleolithic phone.  It is the electric-rock that is so old, used, and worn that the buttons are intermittent.  To each their own.

My phone and I have reached an understanding.  It needs to be told more than once in its old age.  Yes, I mean send NOW!   and fortunately it understands force.  It does have an undying virtue in that it does not kill its battery each few hours.  It will silently soldier-on in my pocket for days on end.  I find that comforting when the call must go through.

‘The dumb phone rings a thousand times, the smart phone dies but once.’

I hope that brought you a smile.


Stone age Rob

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