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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is for Self-Defense

August 26, 2012

Actions speak volumes about a person, and that is why I’m impressed with Vicki Kawelmacher.  Vicki is a firearms instructor in Reno, Nevada.  She specializes in teaching women.  She offers free classes to students who have a signed protective order.  A protective order, also called a restraining order in some other states, means these students convinced a judge there is a serious threat to them or their children.  These students need to learn self-defense right now.  Vicki has been in that position with an attempted abduction of her daughter.  Vicki knows that a piece of legal paper is ineffective without a means to back it up.

These students may need safety classes before they purchase a gun.  They need classes to receive a license to carry concealed.  The will need further instruction to effectively present a weapon from concealment.  Every delay, every minute, increases the risk of injury for these women.  Vicki Kawelmacher asks that other instructors match her offer.  They can contact her through her web site.

I want to make free instruction unnecessary.  We have scores of gun advocacy organizations.  We have local ranges, local clubs and some of us have county NRA member councils.  Responsible gun owners can establish local scholarship funds for self-defense students who need immediate training and have limited means to pay for it.  That is one charity I’d love to support.  If we really advocate responsible self-defense, then we should donate and volunteer to make that happen without asking instructors to teach for free.  I’m also grateful to those instructors who have volunteered their time.

How about you?  Please rate, share and comment.

Here is Vicki’s video interview with Cam Edwards at NRA news.



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