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Not Safe for Innocence

July 25, 2012

More people died from gun shots in Chicago this month than died in the Aurora, Colorado theater.. and the month isn’t over.  The similarities are tragic.  Both cities have gun laws that were guaranteed to prevent the ongoing tragedy, and both failed.  Time and again politicians say “We need more gun control to insure public safety.”  Time and again, their laws fail because prohibition always fails.  Chicago and Aurora make criminals of law abiding citizens who want to carry weapons for self-defense.  Chicago is a gun-free zone on a massive scale.. well, except for all the armed criminals and gangs that shoot the place up every night.  There were 290 homicides in Chicago this year.  That tells us how well the state sponsored gun prohibition is working.

Many city councilmen claim the police will keep us safe.  Politicians and journalists conveniently ignore the trail of dead and injured left in the wake of such promises.  They promise to keep us safe if they can only pass one more desperately needed gun control law.. after law.. after law.. after law.  All this after armed criminal broke the last thousand laws.


Enough already.  I’m sorry, but that claim of safety is a worn-out fairytale.  Any cop will tell you that laws and the police won’t keep you safe.  They can’t.  It’s not their job even if the police could do so.  Street cops will tell you that the mission of law enforcement is entirely different.  They are not your bodyguards.  Their job is to collect evidence so they can eventually identify, locate, apprehend and convict repeat criminals.  The rest is up to you.

You have to defend yourself if violence enters your life.  There simply is no one else.  I’m going to write it again; defending you, your family and your neighborhood is not the job of the police; it is yours.



I’m sorry this isn’t the world you imagined as a child.  I’m sorry that the world is not safe and sane and fair.  You’re a grown up now, and I’d rather tell you this uncomfortable news than have you discover it on the street late at night.  I’m asking you to stop being an idealistic teenager living in a fantasy world.  I want you to see this real-beautiful-flawed world and take care of yourself.  Leave the fantasy world to the mentally ill, the talking class and the politicians.

I want to see you around for a long long time.~_~_

Please stay safe.

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