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Elected Office Wanted- will commit crimes for votes

June 23, 2012

What would a weak politician do to remain in office?  If he were above the law, he would do whatever it took to get re-elected.

The politician would sue the states for enforcing immigration law, then suspend immigration enforcement effectively offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.

The politician would stop border enforcement so more illegals can come into the country, and at the same time oppose voter ID laws.

The politician would suspend drug interdiction at the border.  In the interior of the country, he would stop federal drug arrests and prosecutions to effectively decriminalize drugs.

The politician would drive private charity from the public square and drive the needy to his government agencies.

The politician would propose tax increases on the wealthy.. while lowering the definition of rich.

The politician would increase regulation and fines on “polluters” while offering green subsides to his political donors.

The politician would suspend the repayment of student loans and offer life time education paid for by “the government”.

The politician would offer life time health care paid for by “the government”, yet raise taxes on employers to pay for it.  He would then, without justification, exempt the companies and labor unions who support him politically so that they are not covered by the laws you and I must follow.

The politician would redefine marriage and compromise the military for his gay contributors.

The politician would use the IRS to silence his opposition while asking the churches who support him to advocate from the pulpit.

The politician would inflate the currency and wipe out retirement savings.  At the same time he would offer increased medical care for the elderly.

As employment crashes, the politician would provide government grants to his supporters and call it stimulus, though it would create almost no private sector jobs.

In short, a weak politician would use every aspect of government to increase dependency, reward his followers and punish his political enemies.   Is this politics as usual or do matters of degree matter?  I submit there is a difference between criminal conduct as an aberration.. and criminal conduct as government policy.  We have lost the rule of law if the politician decides which laws to enforce and on whom.  That is the rule of men.

It is entirely up to us if this political strategy works or fails.   We will only loose this battle once. Then the rule of law will be lost for a very long time until honor is recovered.  It is up to you and me.  Do something about it, because the rule of law is at risk right now.

This is what I fear.  I fear we will have civil war once the average citizen decides he doesn’t have to obey the law because politicians act above the law.


Robert the scaredy cat

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  1. June 23, 2012 7:26 am

    Reblogged this on fields685 and commented:
    Interesting points. I do not agree with all of his points, but it does make one stop and think about the political process.


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