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The Glock Trigger is Better than it Feels

June 17, 2012

There is a difference between how a firearm feels in the gun store and how it feels on the shooting range.  To be more precise, you are not the same shooter as you calmly stand in the gun store.. versus as your heart pounds and you run for your life.  I grew up shooting target guns so they were my point of reference.  I didn’t like the two stage trigger on the Glock handguns.  I should have tried them on an action-shooting stage before I judged them.

Would-a, sould-a, chould-a.

Well, I finally did.

The trigger on the Glock has a lot of take up, or slack, and then the trigger gets much harder to move.  That stiffer stage is the second stage that releases the shot.   At first, the Glock feels more like a good revolver than a great target gun.  That put me off.  I was wrong.  The modern striker fired guns like the Glock and Springfield are not great target guns.  They are carry guns and home defense guns.  They are very shootable for their intended purpose, as thousands and thousands of people have demonstrated.

Yeah, I’m slow to learn.

The point is that you have to try them in their proper environment to appreciate them.  The target range behind the gun store probably isn’t the right place to decide.. unless you’re buying a gun to shoot paper.

Why does this matter?  Your fine-motor skills degrade when you’re scared, and not being able to control the gun in your hand is a very bad thing.  Being scared is precisely when a self-defense gun has to fit you well, not when you’re out on the target range happily punching paper for fun.  Now I see the advantages of the Glock style triggers.  They seem just right for the person who only shoots a few times a year and wants a gun they can shoot under stress.  I didn’t understand until I shot a Glock on the run while someone was yelling at me.

The faster you go the better they feel.

Been there.  Learned that.

Now you try it.



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