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The Limits of Government and Soft Drinks

June 7, 2012

You might have missed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to outlaw large-portion soft drinks, and this cartoon makes fun of the disparate use of a lethal weapon on some innocent kid holding an illegal soft drink.  The cartoon would be funny if it were not so close to the truth.  Appreciate the irony of this situation.  You lack the wisdom to select your food, but you are considered wise enough to elect a government official who will run your life for you.  That is what law does to us.

A cop rolls up and gives a kid a ticket for running a lemonade stand.  A cop makes a kid pour out his over-sized soft drink as if the cop found a teenager drinking beer.  This happens every day.  Government is not subtle persuasion.  Subtle persuasion is what you sit through in church.  Subtle persuasion is the advise you get from your uncle.

Government is do-as-I-say or meet mister nightstick.  Unarmed people get shot because some law enforcement officers see all of us as a threat.  People can get shot because they sneeze and reach for a handkerchief.  They get shot for less.

We live in a degenerate state where the government can use its immense legal and law enforcement powers to make us do anything, and they get away with it.  They can be morally and legally wrong, but you could go bankrupt or get killed defending your rights.  With “swatting” and no-knock warrants, you could get killed because the police raided the wrong address.  There are usually no legal consequences for their actions.

I want you to practice safe government.  Just say no to intrusive laws.. and those who advocate them.

The larger the state, the smaller the citizen.


Attribution- I saw the cartoon on a gun blog.

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