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Canadian Arrogance Still Smells the Same

June 7, 2012

Here I commented on the safety NAZIs in Waterloo Canada.  To refresh your memory, a few months ago a four year old girl drew a picture of her dad protecting her from monsters.  She adds a gun to the picture and authorities lost bladder control, both the school and the police.  The guy was arrested and strip searched.  His family was taken from their home and the parents were separated from their children.  This happened because the four year old saw her brothers and her dad playing with an Airsoft toy pistol.

Now, months later, police officials say everything they did was appropriate..except they could have let him keep his clothes on.

They call that an apology?  The dad has the good judgement to cry bull shit-

“I am a forgiving person, but this isn’t just about me.  It’s not just my own family. This was a whole system that crashed down on us, and it was all because of a four-year-old’s drawing.  They could have just talked with me instead. This can’t be allowed to happen to my neighbor or to another family.”

This did not happen because the boys were playing soldier with a toy pistol.  This happened because some officials in government service showed a huge lack of judgement.  It seems to me that the officials are the ones pretending to be adults.. and making a poor show of it.

Still, I have to give Canada credit.  Down in the United States, law enforcement officers shoot people for less.. and then claim it was justified.  Like I said in the title, the BS smells the same on both sides of the border.


Robert, who thinks the libertarians may be on to something.

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