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Self-Defense for Everyone Everywhere

May 30, 2012

Each of us has the right to defend ourselves no matter where we live and work.  That self-evident truth seems not to be self-evident to some in our society.  Listen to the criticism of those who carry discretely for self-defense.

  • Guns are too dangerous for us to own.  Only trained law enforcement officers should be allowed to carry them .. and then, only while on duty.
  • Modern society only allows private gun ownership because of a legal accident buried deep in our nation’s history .. and best forgotten.
  • Civilian firearms owners are scared little men who want big guns to make up for their obvious inadequacy.
  • Those gun nuts are mostly uneducated paranoid poor people.
  • That NRA crowd is a bunch of cowardly racist vigilantes living out their childish wild-west fantasy on our public streets.

Wow.  Too bad the critics hold back and don’t tell us what they really think.

Fortunately the argument for self-defense is not about those of us who currently own guns. It is not about our skin color, whether we watch NASCAR races, or if we’re named Bubba and Daisy.  The right of self-defense goes farther and deeper.

Firearms help the weak defend themselves from the strong.  A young woman works at a convenience store all alone.  Maybe rich people are home at this hour, but she has to work nights.  She also has the right to defend herself.  Would you take that right away from her?

Arms allow the old to defend themselves from the young.  A retired couple can’t safely drive at night anymore, but they can walk to the bank and buy groceries.  The police don’t patrol these streets very often, but this couple has the right to defend themselves.  Would you take that right away from them?

Arms allow the few to defend themselves from the many.  A young mom was taking her children to daycare when a gang of thugs tried to take her car.  She has the right to defend her children.  Would you take that right away from her?

A society is known by how it treats its weakest members.  Are the gun grabbers saying the poor, the old and the weak should stay locked inside their rooms to remain safe, or should they be willing victims?  Either choice is disgusting.

As a gun owner, I concede that the gun grabbers may call me names.  It is, after all, a free county. What they should not do is demand that  minorities, the weak, and the old live in fear.  I will never concede to that demand.  We have too many victims already, and the police cannot protect them.  The weak, the old and the few have the right to defend themselves at work, at school and at home.  We have that right even if we are not well-connected rich people living in the best part of town.  Self-defense is a human right for all of us matter where we live.

The government may pass unjust laws and outlaw self-defense, but it remains our right.

Images from Oleg Volk. Please rate, share and comment.

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  1. May 31, 2012 5:47 am

    “A society is known by how it treats its weakest members.” Absolutely right, Rob. That is what American gun owners need to know is this when it comes to the 2012 election. That is, where is all this compassion from the left when they actually have the chance to really protect the weak?



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