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Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors- LFTR Without Equations 2012

May 4, 2012

I’ve ignored my blog, but it has been a busy week.  My wife moved her office.  I had dental work.  Five of us from work had food poisoning that gave us an unwanted three-day weekend.  I dragged myself to the CERT class and didn’t get sick.


I hope I’m back.  I felt well enough to present a guest lecture at a friend’s chemistry class.  I lectured on nuclear power and nuclear chemistry.  The class is a third semester of chemistry at a junior college, and the hard part for me was figuring out what the students knew and what they did not know.  I’d say we did fairly well for our first time together.

Here is the Power Point file I used for my lecture of the chemistry of nuclear moltens salt reactors-.  LFTRs without equations 2012 Ver 5.ppt

You’re welcome to read the PowerPoint, but now you know I’m not ignoring the blog on purpose.  If you find it interesting, there will be a conference on Thorium reactors in Chicago on 31 May.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled activities.. I hope.


Rob, who once split atoms on the weekend

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