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Taxes and Incremental Slavery

April 19, 2012

You want to buy some water so you stop at the local grocery store.  Before you can buy the water you have to pay the government for the privilege.

You’ll pay for the water, but you’ll also pay-

  • Taxes on fuel used for heating the store
  • Taxes on the fuel that powers the truck that delivers food to the store
  • Taxes on the power that lights the store and keeps the food cold or hot
  • Taxes on the internet site that describes the stores location and hours
  • Taxes on the phone line that lets the store order the water from a vendor
  • Property taxes on the empty shelves, the building, the signs, desks and chairs upstairs
  • Federal Income tax on the money paid to each employee
  • State income and payroll taxes on the money paid to each employee
  • State unemployment tax paid on each employee
  • Vehicle registration taxes on the fleet of trucks that deliver food from the warehouse to the store
  • Tax paid on water and sewer connections.
  • Tax paid on refuse removal
  • Tax on paper and plastic bags
  • Tax on plastic bottles
  • Taxes paid on equipment rental like the cardboard crusher
  • City tax on rent or lease payments
  • Taxes paid on company profits and on shareholder gains

Call them a fee if you want, but I think these are taxes too-

  • Payment for food inspections
  • Payment for fire inspections
  • Payment for building inspections

Let’s add the hidden tax of complying with the 50 thousand laws regulating a small business.  You needed a consultant to help you fill out the required employee work place sensitivity training manual.

At least they don’t  charge sales tax on bottled water.  We’d have to add sales tax if you wanted juice or a cup of coffee.  And our state government wonders if we pay enough, but that is willful ignorance.  The state makes much more money from your purchase than the store makes in profit.  You’d think the money we earn is theirs and not ours.

I hope your chains are not too tight.  Mine have rubbed me raw.  Can you tell that I went to a tax day protest on Monday?


Robert the grumpy lover of liberty

I’m getting tired of writing to myself.  Please rate, share and comment.

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  1. Virginia Ross permalink
    April 20, 2012 4:19 am

    I often feel the same about my incessant Facebook posts. But don’t stop, Rob. You may never know just how many eyeballs see, and more importantly, minds absorb, things you write here – unless you want to spend your time chasing down every Share, link, or Insight Panel you might be able to find. Faggedaboudit.

    You are dropping seeds. You don’t know which will sprout and which not.

    And and increasingly unfree America needs to hear them.


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