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George Will on Drug Prohibition

April 14, 2012

This last week, George Will wrote about legalizing hard drugs here.

The article is a good read, but short of hard data.  That isn’t a surprise.  Newspapers sell emotion not information.  The information is available.  The results are in.  The US conducted experiments on drug prohibition since the late 1800s.  Recently, other countries have conducted the experiment on drug legalization.  I don’t wonder about the data.  The facts are accessible.  Unfortunately, the subject is untouchable.

We have a very hard time facing human weakness.  That is the human condition.  We are flawed, both our selves and our families.  We want so much to make things better for those who choose addiction, and our compassion exceeds our reason.  Someday we will be able to help ourselves first.  Then.. maybe.. we can have the adult conversation about the many costs of prohibition and addiction.

Until then, here is some background information on drug prohibition.  Wikipedia- Prohibition_of_Drugs

I wrote about it here part 1, here part 2, and here part 3.

It should be easier for a political conservative to legalize drugs than for a liberal.  We will see.


Robert the Flawed

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