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No Racism in My Name

April 8, 2012

Two white knuckleheads went on a shooting spree in Oklahoma.  Their victims were black.

Racism is ugly.  Shooting people as they walk away is disgusting.

Some neo-nazi idiots are parading around Sanford, Florida where Trayvon Martin was shot.  (News Story later discredited.)

It may be legal, but it is contemptible.  They have the liberty to do so.. and they should have that liberty.  We must defend the right to show bad judgement.

I’m a no-name guy with an obscure blog.  I’m one small voice, but I condemn this racism.  I hate the thought that someone would threatening my neighbors be they black, white or brown.  I don’t like racism when Al and Jesse do it.  I don’t like racism when gangs, thugs or neo-nazis do it.  Maybe all the racists deserve each other.  If they march here then I’ll be standing with my black and brown and yellow neighbors.

Now, will the racist idiots please leave the rest of us alone so we can get back to the business of living with and respecting each other.  My two cents.

Happy Easter

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  1. Virginia Ross permalink
    April 8, 2012 3:40 pm

    I concur.



  1. My story: Racial harmony in Malaysia | lawsofthumb

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