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A Rape Survivor Knows the Effect of Armed Self-Defense

April 7, 2012

An experiment changes one thing and measures the results.

“For the second time, Evelyn encountered a serial rapist who chose her for a victim.  This time, she prevented the attack.  From then on, she would describe herself by saying, “I am a rape survivor, and a rape attempt survivor.  The difference is, the second time, I had a gun!”

Evelyn’s article is online here  from a rape prevention website, but it was originally printed in Women&Guns, Nov/Dec 2002 (1).  There is no clearer example of the virtue of arms.  Weapons allow weak and peaceful people to defend themselves against the strong and violent.  Of course, it makes a difference if the intended victim is armed.  A huge difference.

True, the victim cannot prevent an attack by being armed, but resisting an attack with a firearm drastically changes the rate of rape.  I wrote about the 90 percent reduction in rape here.

Evelyn’s story is particularly powerful because lightning struck twice in the same place with very different results.  Evelyn had to defend herself even though the police were intensely patrolling the area looking for her assailant.  Her story rings in my ears every time a gun prohibitionist demands that Evelyn and those like her be disarmed.  I cannot forget her.  I hope you will not forget her either.

I assume it is better to be an attempted victim than a victim.  I am afraid to conduct the experiment and prove it.  I don’t want lightning to strike even once.


(1) The article called “The Second Time” is only available in back issue prints.  The online version is definitely worth a read.

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