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DC Continues to Spread False Firearm Information

April 5, 2012

Gun Culture- “You may prevail, but you will not win a gun fight.”

Like a gun fight, you seldom win a legal battle with city hall.  No matter how badly the government breaks the law, you will not win, though you may prevail.  If you must fight, the best way is to start before they file charges against you.  That is what Washington Times reporter Emily Miller is doing in Washington, DC.  Many states and cities issue laws that are contradictory, if not illegal.  The problem with the legal approach to justice is that city and state governments can make bad laws far faster than appeals can be filed to remove these bad laws.  These governments also have lawyers on staff, while the appeals must be paid for by private funds.  Even if you “win”, some cities have delayed court ordered remedies for decades.  Another reminder that we have a legal system and not a justice system.

Ms Miller is using the media, not the courts.  She is also using common sense; a faculty seldom found in legal appeals.  The Washington DC police are spreading false information about the city’s gun laws.  Ms Miller received information through the DC firearms registry office and their information packet given to new gun owners.  She heard conflicting statements about the law when she spoke with other gun owners.  Emily listened to informed lawyers and the DC city council member who wrote the legislation.  They admitted that the police were wrong.  The printed materials were wrong.  The city website was wrong.

A twist to an old saw in the Gun Culture- “If you’re going to fight city hall, make sure you bring enough ink.”

Here is Ms Miller’s article in the Washington Times where she describes the city’s continued delay.

So fix it.  How long should it take, two days at the outside?!  Anyone can change a web page in minutes.  Anyone can send an e-mail and have new information packets printed in an hour.  Anyone.  Somehow the District has taken weeks without remedy, and Emily is pointing out how slow and self-serving the city government is.

This is not an abstract or isolated problem.  Innocent citizens were prosecuted by misinformation fed to the police.  It is evil to let innocent be prosecuted because the political machine won’t get off its large lazy ass and stop telling self serving lies about the law.

I like people who fight evil.  Thank you, Emily Miller.  I thank every engaged citizen who goes to local government meetings and holds them accountable.  See you there.

Gun Culture- There is no substitute for the absolute determination to prevail once the fight is on.  The outcome is now up to you.  Stay in the fight.

Here is a video of Emily Miller being interviewed on this topic by Cam Edwards.

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