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Journalists for Guns, and Against

March 29, 2012

Journalists are not all the same.  Said another way, there is more to the media than the New York Times and broadcast  television.  Let me show you.

The former editor of the NYT no longer needs to feign objectivity or even impartiality.  Gail Collins editorialized on the shootings in Florida.  In conclusion she says of the City’s exclusive gun laws,

“Really, just leave us alone. If you don’t like our rules, don’t come here. Is that too much to ask?”

Does anyone see the contradiction in an editor lecturing others for paragraph after paragraph on how they should behave and then saying “I’m worn down from arguing…Really, just leave us alone.”  I translate that as believe what I believe or shut up.  She did manage to shill for the discredited Violence Policy Center.

All the opinion that’s fit to print, but not believe.


Ms Emily Miller of the Washington Times is a contrasting study.  She describes the pitfalls of trying to obey the gun laws in Maryland and DC.   She is from Baltimore and wants to introduce her friends to shooting at a local  gun range.  Emily finds that experienced local shooters are a better source of accurate legal information than the Maryland Police website or the state police automated information hotline.

Ms Miller is learning what responsible gun owners live with.  She is sharing what she learns with her girlfriends and with the rest of us in her columns.


Take a friend shooting and show them how to navigate your local gun laws.  We need more responsible and experienced citizens on our side.  Yeah, you’ll have to show them.  If you simply told them the laws are this crazy and contradictory, they would never believe it.

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  1. March 30, 2012 6:01 am

    Nice work again, Rob,. You’re looking sharp. I like to mention how we as second ambassadors should be showing every new shooter how gun control has been at the basis of every single bureaucracy they have come to resent. Rangemasters talk about rights and liberty, but they need to connect the dots to big government. The intrusions are traced to gun control; the shortages are traced to gun control; the parental interferences and pick any one you like; you and I can show how these would not be shortages, intrusions or interferences backed by the state without gun control first.

    That way, they see why they must work for the repeal of all gun control if they are to reduce the size of gubmint.


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