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Clarity, Rather than Argeement

February 22, 2012

Eric Andersen is a friend of mine, and he compares two political candidates in his blog, Faith & Principle.  I like his clarity and wit.  Read “Will the True Conservative Please Stand Up?”

This is a style of presentation we use all the time; comparing two items to a standard.  We’ve a saying in my house, “You choose the model you like, and I can make it the best or the worst if you let me choose the test.”  This notion came into focus when my children were arguing about which car, plane, sports team or boat was the best.  They had different tests in mind.

Are we testing the candidates, or are we testing the voters in this election?  I hope we are voting for the candidate who will best serve the country rather than the candidate who will best serve me.  Been there.  Tried that.  Have the debts to prove it.  Maybe the electorate has forgotten the difference.

Back to my friend’s blog posts…  I don’t particularly like his candidates, but I do like the way he presented his criteria.

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