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Let’s Start at the Beginning of Self-Defense

January 23, 2012

The stern lecture you received on the school playground went like this, “It takes two people to start a fight, so you’re both in trouble.”  As adults we expand our moral sophistication beyond what we were taught as children.  Our experience shows us that it only takes one person to start violence, and it probably won’t be you.  Don’t be a victim.

You don’t initiate conflicts; in fact you go out of your way to avoid confrontations.  You maintain your property and your animals so you don’t inconvenience your neighbors.  I thank you for your efforts, but the whole world isn’t like you.  Some people use violence against others.  Some do it for money, and some do it for their own satisfaction.  I have to accept that fact because I’ve never found a society without violence no matter where or when I’ve looked.  Once violence happens, the only question left is who will be the victim.  I don’t want it to be you.

There is a sexual assault every two minutes in the U.S.  It is always devastating and I don’t want you to be one of the victims.  There is a robbery every minute.  I wish the police could be there to save you, but they can’t be there when you need them.  You will have to take care of yourself.  Though we have little control over when we might be a potential victim, we have considerable control over the attack being successful.  I want you to not be a victim.It only takes one person to be violent, so you are not safe simply because you give up your possessions.  It starts with accepting that someone might want to hurt you and you are worth defending.  Yes, you and those you love you are worth defending.  I’m asking you to plan for your own defense, and that process starts before you are threatened.  It starts with awareness, avoidance and preparation.  It starts with training to be aware of your surrounding so you can avoid dangerous situations.  That commitment can start today.  In fact, you can start right now.  A permit to carry a concealed weapon and advanced small arms training can come later.  Please accept that you and those you love should never be victims.  I want you to make a commitment now so you will depend on your training and your practice.. and not on luck and prayer.

Please make that commitment.  Study and train your mind.  Develop the habits of situational awareness.  Those who love you don’t want you to be a victim.  That is where it starts.

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  1. KA9VSZ permalink
    May 16, 2013 3:32 pm

    Thank you. You just said what I’ve tried (without success) to say to my loved one. Maybe she’ll listen to you…


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