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Perfection is not an Alternative

January 21, 2012

A friend of mine, Joe Peterson, forwarded this great video. In it, the articulate free market advocate Milton Friedman points out something extremely important; capitalism isn’t perfect.  Then he states the clear evidence of history that capitalism is the only economic system to have raised the majority of people out of poverty.  Capitalism never claimed to be perfect or to make men into angels.  Those who want political domination of our lives are the ones who claim they are angels and above human desires for wealth and domination.  Go on, watch the video.

I’ve heard the claim that government run economies promote justice but I’ve never seen evidence to support that claim.  The socialist version of “justice” seems to mean that government takes from some of us by force and then gives to those who support the existing government.  In Chicago it was simply called buying votes.  Today’s Socialists are trying to relabel ordinary political corruption as a virtue.

Socialism claims to deliver prosperity, equality and justice. Judging by the real evidence, politically run economies reward political connections.  Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela should be heaven on earth if socialism actually worked.  Again judging from the evidence, look how many people are trying to escape from that “heaven”.

The usual excuse for socialist failure is that “those other socialists are not doing it right”.  Our divine socialist leader is wiser and more beneficent than their socialist leaders.  In short, politicians claim they are angels.. and other people aren’t.

I don’t believe in angels.  I believe things have to work in the real world.Milton results


Thank you, Joe.

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