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Self-Defense and Domestic Abuse- The Obvious Really is.. Obvious

January 10, 2012

I heard a lecture describing sexual abuse in south west Asia.  Women were groped by gangs of young men.  In a country with an 82 percent illiteracy rate, young girls were often afraid to leave their home and attend school.   Sexual abuse was a common tool of intimidation.  I was angry that these women could not defend themselves and the state left them at the mercy of their abusers.  Fewer foreign women would be assaulted if they enjoyed the rights of self-defense we exercise here in the US.  It is this large cultural difference between their country and mine that allows this abuse of women to continue.  Then I read this.

The chairman of the women’s rights organization Şefkat-Der, Hayrettin Bulan, was on the receiving end of fierce criticism two weeks ago when he suggested that abused women should receive state-funded lessons at shooting ranges and be issued free, licensed firearms.  Bulan revealed that over 3,000 women have applied for such lessons..

He said, “Purchasing guns.. is easy, and it would serve to deter potential killers if women also possessed firearms.. What we are advocating here is use of the legal right to self-defense. We cannot sit back and let these innocent women continue to be slaughtered.

“As the state continues to fail to effectively protect female victims of violence, our suggestion is been taken up by more and more people…”

This is quoted from the Turkish newspaper “Today’s Zaman”, one of two Turkish daily newspapers written in English.  Read the article here.

I guess the obvious sometimes really is..well..obvious, not only here, but around the world.  Then again, looking at this map, there are a few places in the US which cannot grasp the obvious.  So far there are 44 million Americans who can not defend themselves.  Turkey has 74 million.

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