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They Only Hear the Victim

October 17, 2011

Guys, I understand our problem.  I’m talking to the adult men, but women and youngsters are welcome to listen in.  Gentlemen, with every fiber in your being, you want to protect your family and friends from violence.  There is no one else able to do it, and no one listens to you when you can’t do all you should to keep them safe.  Maybe you’ve contacted your sheriff, but the sheriff doesn’t allow concealed carry in HIS county.  You’ve written to your congressman so you can carry arms as your family travels across other states.  I’m sorry, but there is no general recognition of cross state carry.  Your voice isn’t being heard.  The sad truth is that other voices are louder than yours, and you’re voice is never going to be heard.  It is too bad about your family, but you’re opinion simply doesn’t count.  Now why is that?  Your opinion doesn’t count because the gun-haters are blinded by their fear.

  • The gun-hater sees a scraped knee, and blames the pavement rather than bully who pushed the smaller child.  Now playgrounds are covered with rubber pads.
  • The gun-hater sees a cut and condemns the knife.  Now a girl scout can’t bring a pocket knife to school.
  • The gun-hater sees a gunshot and condemns the gun rather than the criminal who pulled the trigger.  Now an honest citizen can’t get a license to carry a firearm and protect his family.

Like them or hate them, weapons are only tools.  They don’t have moral content; they are neither good nor evil.  That is easy to understand once you’re not blinded by gun-hate.  What these tools can accomplish is to make the weak as capable as the strong.  Some tools can make the old and frail as capable as the young.  Sadly, some people don’t like that equality and are blind to its virtue.  Tools can keep us independent and able to care for ourselves and those we love.  The gun-haters don’t like that at all.  They are attracted to control more than freedom.  They are attracted to order more than independence.  They are attracted to regulation more than justice.   Remember that government genocide is usually well controlled, orderly and lawful.  The gun haters think they can control the state, and through the state they can control you.

The gun-hater is afraid of anyone who is strong enough to hurt them or take away their sense of control.  They are even afraid of democracy when the people vote against them.  They are afraid of anyone who has learned to use their strength for self defense.  Thus, most men are seen as a danger.  Armed women are suspect also, but armed men are the greatest danger.  The gun-haters are sheep afraid of the wolf, and they blame sharp teeth for their troubles.  It isn’t fair, but guys, please accept the fact that the gun haters are deaf and blind to your need to protect your family or even your own life.  They are blind to the difference between the virtuous and the predatory; blind to the difference between the sheepdog and the wolf.  The gun-haters only hear the cry of the lamb.  They only hear the victims; those lucky victims who still have a voice.  You, gentlemen, will only have a voice while you are bleeding.

The gun-haters hear the cry of a rape victim to defend herself.  They don’t hear your cry to protect your daughter.  They hear the plea of the aged to defend themselves.  They don’t hear your plea to protect your parents.  They hear the call of the female shop owner to protect herself from armed robbery.  The shop owner’s call is simply louder than yours.

The gun haters project their fears onto you.  They think your need to protect your family is driven by your aggressive and irrational need to dominate others. Yes, they think you are trying to dominate your family by protecting them.  Paternal protection is simply considered evil on its face.  To them, self defense is really your compulsive need to dominate the criminal who threatens your family.  The gun-haters are blind, but can not see their own blindness.  They can’t see that their need to disarm everyone is driven by their irrational need to control others.

Guys, the way they think doesn’t have to make sense, but learn how they think!  It is important to us.  We need to be heard, and only the young rape victim can ask for the right of self defense on campus.  Only the robbery victim can ask for gun rights and be heard.  The hushed and shaky voice of a domestic violence victim will be heard far and wide.  Only the disadvantaged minority can ask for gun rights and get a seat at the table.

I’m sorry fellas.  It isn’t fair, but get over it.  Teach the women in your life to shoot.  Bring your neighbors shooting, and make sure they join the NRA.  Men, this is how we’ll win back our right to defend those we love.

Beautiful artwork used with permission of Oleg Volk.

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  1. Neil E. Wright permalink
    October 18, 2011 4:34 pm

    Oh yes! Another case of statist “projection”.

    To REALLY know who the statists are, just listen to what they accuse their opponents of.



  2. October 20, 2011 6:30 pm

    Sorry Rob, but your thesis is in error. You state that these haters hear the cries of the victims – current events are clearly showing that they only hear what they want to hear. Recently at the Occupy Cleveland nonsense a 19 year old girl was brutally raped, Occupiers all said “she was asking for it” and “it was her own fault” while the conscious of all that is right and holy on the left, the press, is only worried if “these accusations will throw a bad light on the movement” and who gave a damn about the assault on a young girl? not the loving progressives.

    The hypocrisy of these people is nauseating, unending, and its all about power They demand gun control yet they GIVE guns and grenades to drug rings. They only want to disarm those that they want to control. Hell, the EPA now has fully armed SWAT teams that they use to bust dairy farmers. Amish dairy farmers!

    These people, as selfish and arrogant as they are, have no idea of the forces they are dealing with. We need to set an example of responsibility and solid restraint, but also an example of fortitude and marksmanship when needed.


    • October 21, 2011 1:57 pm

      Doug, there are shades of gray to this arguement. You are right that some people are simply out for power. Disarming citizens is only a means to power for them. Others are afraid of violence because they have never seen force used as a tool of justice. I think the majority of the gun-haters can not rationally articulate why they fear arms in the hands of common citizens. Gun-hate is an emotional decision for them. The cry of the victim drives their conversion to allow armed self defense. Open carry can desensitize their hoplophobia over time.

      Call me an optimist, but I want to win their hearts.


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