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Modern Luddites

July 14, 2011

Do you remember Luddites?  A Luddite opposes new tools and processes, and Luddites date back to the industrial revolution.  Are we any different now?  We think we embrace technology and we think Luddites are an outdated movement.  I disagree.  The fears of the Luddites are with us again.  My friend Oleg Volk found examples of new tools being introduced and then scorned.  Are we innovators or do we simply follow fashion?

  •  As long as 496 years ago, private citizens owned rifles accurate at hundreds of yards.  The non-shooting public continues to fear rifles accurate at that distance even today.
  •  Handguns able to shoot 20 shots without reloading were in common use 181 years ago, well before the civil war.  Modern politicians continue to posture about the dangers of civilian handguns.
  •  The machine gun was invented 129 years ago, and US citizens could buy machine guns by mail order until 77 years ago.  In many states, you can buy one now.
  •  124 years ago we had fully automatic rifles, and they had magazines with more than ten rounds.  Weren’t they outlawed just the other day?
  •  Webley invented hollow point ammunition for handguns 114 years ago.  These bullets are currently outlawed in New Jersey..unless you’re a police officer.
  •  Once they’d done it for rifles, they then did it for pistols 18 years later.  106 years ago they invented semi-automatic pistols with a capacity over 10 rounds.  Tools of this type are currently illegal in California.

I wonder what ancient inventions our modern government will outlaw next.  I’ve a list, but that is for another article.

Go read Oleg Volk’s post

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