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Ten to One

May 13, 2011

StopWe’d all applaud a self defense technique that reduced rape and battery by 90 percent. That technique exists!  Yes, our actions can make the difference between fending off a violent attack or becoming a victim. So here is the secret.  Evidence shows that 90 percent of assaults and rapes are prevented when victims defend themselves with a firearm.  In contrast, law enforcement works very hard to achieve a 5 to 10 percent reduction in crime year to year.

Let’s put those two results into perspective.  Armed citizens reduce crime much more effectively than the police.  Also, when  politicians outlawed armed self defense, they make the victim 10 times more likely to be raped and injured.  Though it doesn’t make headlines, the harm to the victims is all too real. The real news is the armed citizen and the harm caused by gun control. So why isn’t this reported in the media?

Of course it makes news when a young cab driver is stabbed with a knife during a robbery. It is NOT news when a pizza delivery driver comes home unharmed because he had his concealed carry permit.  They forget to put that story in the paper for a simple reason; there is no body, so there is no story. No fresh blood, so no fresh ink.

There are lots of unprinted stories.  The TV news doesn’t run the story about the old woman who lives down the street.  She simply picks up her groceries and continues home after someone tries to rob her.  She didn’t have to shoot anyone to keep herself safe. There wasn’t a body for the paramedics; not hers, not her attackers. Grandma is shaken, and over a cup of hot tea she says she’s glad she brought the small pistol her husband purchased for her years ago.

Photo from Oleg Volk

Sure, you read the sad story about the college co-ed who was sexually assaulted in the campus parking garage. You did not read about the two girls who walked from the store to their off-campus apartment because their story is different.  Their assailant stopped when he faced the barrel of a gun.  Of course the young girls have a description of their assailant.  They know how he looked as he turned and ran!

They laugh about it now, but the difference between the two stories is that the two girls were armed, and the college co-ed had been disarmed.

Being armed makes the difference between being injured, and an attempted attack where we escape injury.  The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, U.S. Department of Justice, wrote a report back in 1979 titled “Rape Victimization in 26 American Cities”.  They found that an armed woman who resist her attacker was 10 times less likely to be raped than a woman who is unarmed.

I’ll say it again; a gun can’t stop the attempt, but defending yourself with a gun makes it much less likely that the attempted attack ends in rape or injury.  The statistics for assault are similar both here in the US and overseas. Even the British Home Office admits that an armed person is 10 times less likely to be seriously injured in an attempted assault than someone who is unarmed.  If we know that armed citizens are safer, then why are we so vulnerable some places in the United States?

Concealed Carry By StateWe can’t defend ourselves if we have been disarmed.  Many of us are disarmed by our county sheriff, by our chief of police or by our campus administrator.  Some of us are disarmed by our employer.  These officials will never be charged with a crime, but their decisions put many of us in jeopardy.  The decisions of these administrators leave us vulnerable and fundamentally change the way we live.

Your county administrator might not allow grandma to be armed when she visits her friends in the senior citizen center. Now grandma is a victim on her way home late at night. She was easy prey because she was disarmed. 10 times easier. Now grandma is afraid to travel after dark.

Some of us are disarmed out in our rural homes because our new sheriff might deny concealed carry permits to his county.  Now, local criminals quickly find those who are easily robbed.

Once the pizza delivery drivers can’t carry legally, more of the disarmed drivers were robbed and injured. One of the delivery drivers was a single mom. Now that  she can’t defend herself, she stops making late night deliveries.  She has to live with a smaller paycheck.. all because the new sheriff doesn’t like armed citizens.  The sheriff doesn’t like news stories about “gun violence” in his county, and robbery victims go quietly into the news on page B18.

We’re disarmed in our cities when the new chief of police decides no one needs a weapon for self defense. Some of the cab drivers take other jobs because they know the work is dangerous. It isn’t a gun crime when an immigrant cabbie is robbed at knife point. It isn’t a gun crime when his cab is stolen.   Even if you don’t read it in the newspapers, now you know what really happened.  The new police chief left the cabby disarmed and alone.

Sometimes the story is closer to home. You’ve watched your neighbor’s daughter grow up, and she is a responsible young woman. She took the tests and got her permit to carry concealed.  That license wasn’t enough to keep her safe. She was robbed after work as she walked back to her car. The thieves took her purse and her backpack. They cleaned out her checking account, and she lost the laptop computer that was in her backpack. The computer can be replaced, but she can’t get this semester back.  At least she’s alive and wasn’t injured. She was lucky this time. Why wasn’t she armed and able to defend herself?

Image by Oleg Volk

She was disarmed because she had to leave her handgun at home. Obviously she was victimized by the thieves who robbed her. She was also victimized by her employer who disarmed her. Even with her license  to carry a concealed weapon, her employer wouldn’t let her bring her gun to work.  The president of her college wouldn’t let her bring  her gun on campus even though she is legally allowed to carry almost everywhere else.

The college president and the employer were the ones who matched a disarmed young woman against two grown thugs. That isn’t fair.

Now you know the story. Now you see the disarmed victim in every crime story on TV.  Now you hear the disarmed truth behind every “gun control” press release they read on the radio. I know it’s hard, but I’m asking you to keep listening and not turn away. Listen to the news and the stories of people we left disarmed when they were attacked by criminals.

 Their story is real. It is up to us to make sure their story is heard.


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