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Third-World Justice in New Jersey: Ray Rice versus Shaneen Allen

July 31, 2014

Rice Allen

There are one set of laws for the rich and famous, and another set of laws for the poor and anonymous.  That is particularly true in Atlantic County, New Jersey.  Ray Rice is a famous football player.  Rice was not prosecuted after he knocked his fiancée unconscious in an Atlantic City casino earlier this year.  Instead, Rice received a two game suspension from the NFL.  Contrast his treatment with how the legal system treated Shaneen Allen.  Allen was accused of making an illegal lane change as she drove through New Jersey.  She faces up to ten years in state prison because she carried a firearm she legally owned in Pennsylvania.  Rice is a single mom who works two jobs.  She was robbed twice before she bought a gun.  She bought the gun legally.  She took firearms safety training classes in Philadelphia.  She earned her concealed carry license.

After their arrest, both Rice and Allen qualified for a diversion program for first time offenders.  Rice would take classes on domestic violence and have a clean record if he stayed out of trouble.  Maybe Allen would take classes on New Jersey’s crazy concealed carry laws.  Though both were accepted into the program, the prosecuting attorney accepted Rice’s diversion but rejected Allen’s diversion.  The prosecutor allowed a violent multi-millionaire to clear his record but prosecuted a single mom working two jobs.  They kept Shaneen Allen in jail for 46 days until she could make bail.  Because they kept her in jail, she nearly lost her jobs, her home and her children.  That is a real war on a real woman.  In contrast, Ray Rice received a two game suspension from the NFL.

 I can’t call this celebrity justice.  It is celebrity law because there is no justice in New Jersey.

 It gets crazier.  There is an ongoing amnesty in New Jersey for people to turn in their handguns without question.  That means Shaneen Allen should have been able to surrender her handgun and avoid prosecution entirely.  That treatment only applies if the prosecutor in Atlantic County cared to follow the law and seek a shred of justice.  He doesn’t.  The prosecutor only cares to make a name for himself.  Putting a rich football star in jail would make the prosecutor look like an idiot on the sports pages.  It is also bad business to prosecute millionaires who visit the New Jersey Casinos.. even if they beat people unconscious.  Money talks in the New Jersey casinos.. and money talks in the New Jersey courtroom.

I understand the arrest in the Rice case because we have an actual victim.  We know Rice physically assaulted someone, someone who had not attacked him first and someone who was both physically smaller and weaker than he was.  There is no victim in the Shaneen Allen case.. except Shaneen.  The prosecutor is nothing more than a grandstanding politician trying to pad his conviction numbers as he prosecutes Shaneen Allen.  We used to expect this sort of corrupt behavior from abusive southern sheriffs back in the 1960s.

 We still we expect to find this sort of political corruption in third-world countries.. third-world countries like New Jersey today.

Unfortunately, Allen isn’t the plaintiff the women’s movement wants.  The women’s movement needs money from rich women.  Allen isn’t a celebrity movie star and her case won’t generate big donations.  A second strike against Allen is that she was trying to protect herself and her family with a firearm.  That isn’t the approved posture now supported by the black civil rights establishment.  Being a victim is the approved remedy.  Both groups should help her.  Neither will.

Shaneen has a legal defense fund here.



Buyer Beware on Consumer Electronics?

July 28, 2014


I’m a late converter.  I buy the latest electronic devices.  That is why I want your help now.  I finally bought a fairly modern smart phone.  I bought a nice set of earbuds too, and now I find out that none of the earbuds last very long.  The Sony buds didn’t last two months.  Frys and Best Buy won’t honor a warranty for longer than a month.  Walmart only warranties their products for 2 weeks.  After that you get to arm wrestle with the manufacturer.  It seems that earbuds are almost disposable.   Is the best solution to buy cheap ones and simply have a spare pair on hand when the cheap earbuds die?

What do you do?



More Defenseless Victims in San Diego County, July Edition

July 25, 2014


San Diego looks like paradise.  San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said he will protect us and we have no need to protect ourselves.  Somehow Sheriff Gore overlooked the thousand of crime victims in June.  As usual, most of the victims this month are unarmed and defenseless.  It wasn’t paradise for these folks.

In only the last few weeks-

 A woman was walking alone when she was attacked by an unknown man who knocked her to the ground and attempted to force himself on her.  She was fully clothed and the suspect was gone when she regained consciousness.  Police suspect that a vehicle drove down the street during the attack which scared the attacker away.

 A local Walmart store was robbed for a second time at gunpoint.  In both cases the suspect approached a cashier, pulled a gun, demanded money, and then fired the gun into the ceiling before the employee could open the cash register.  In both cases the thief grabbed money from the register and fled.

A masked gunman entered the Villa Hermosa Market Saturday evening.  He pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money from the cash register.  The clerk gave the thief an undisclosed amount of cash before the robber left the store and fled on a blue bicycle.

Two men entered the Yum Yum Donut shop in La Mesa.  One of the men showed a handgun and ordered the store clerk to give him cash.  The suspects took the money from the till and fled from the business on foot.  Police searched for the suspect with the San Diego Police Department helicopter, but the men were not found.

Police were finally able to identify a man killed at an apartment complex in El Cajon.  37 year old Kevin McCalla was found lying on a sidewalk just before 9PM.  McCalla suffered gunshot wounds and was unresponsive and without a pulse when police arrived.

A state audit reported that San Diego State University failed to adequately train staff in response to sexual assaults.  Students say they receive little guidance from the school about personal safety and reporting crimes.  Student Megan Kelly said, “You see it on the news all the time about all the sexual assaults that happen here on campus.. in the parking structures or parties and stuff like that.”  The university reported 31 sexual assaults from 2010 to 2012.

These victims were left defenseless, and there are thousands more like them each month.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore says he may not issue licenses to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.   In contrast, many other California Sheriffs do exactly that.

A 3 judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals went so far as to call Sheriff Gore’s disarmament policy unconstitutional!  Until the full court rules, the citizens of San Diego will remain disarmed victims.  Every day another 150 San Diego residents become victims of violent crime.  This will continue until Sheriff Gore acknowledges their right of self-defense.San Diego Crime June



Doctor Fixes Broken Gun Free Zone at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

July 25, 2014

mercy hospital shooting

A psychiatric outpatient walked into Mercy Fitzgerald Wellness Center in Darby, Pennsylvania.  That is where the patient shoots his caseworker.  A psychiatrist working in the facility then draws his own firearms and shoots the crazy murderer.

Doctor fixes broken gun free zone!

Please leave a comment at the hospital website to thank the doctor for saving lives.

I wonder, does this doctor make house-calls?






More Custom Holsters from Overwatch

July 25, 2014

overwatch holsters 2


My friend Ian Wright molds holsters.  Here he made a custom holster for my long barreled 22 target pistol.  He also made a matched set of right handed and left handed holsters for a friend of mine.  See more at Overwatch Holsters.

Holsters are important for students and instructors.  I need a holster so I can have my hands free when I instruct.  I think it is equally important for a student to have a holster for the same reason.  Students struggle with muzzle discipline, and that includes holstering their firearm when they need to use their hands.

I’ll give you a product review after I’ve taken them to the range.

Repost Oracle, Arizona Residents Protest Imported Illegals

July 21, 2014

My friend Michelle Moons talks about Arizona residents protesting the dumping of immigrants into their community.  Give her a read here. =>  Oracle-Arizona-Residents-Stand-Their-Ground


The Revolutionary Idea of America

July 20, 2014

America is an idea.  We were supposed to be governed by citizen/legislators rather than elected royalty. That revolutionary idea was supposed to keep government small and simple.  Sure, a complex and invasive government was fine for European empires, but that bloated form of government was supposed to be un-American.  When we say these United States are in decline, they are in decline because of the decline of that one simple idea.

America isn’t wealth. We say a company is in decline when its productivity falls and its debts accumulate. It is certainly true that the Obama administration has given America a record amount of debt and unemployment.  Some of that debt was accumulated with the help of a willing House and Senate, but the Obama Administration also spent lots of taxpayer money on their own.  That documents the rise of an imperial presidency that acts outside the law.   Sadly, those debts will reduce the purchasing power of the next few generations of Americans.  Economic decline is a tragedy, but it is not the decline of America. It is only a symptom.

America isn’t freedom. We now have a government that can spy on its citizens. Your phone calls, your e-mails, your snail mail and your online browsing are recorded by the government. That gives the federal government blackmail materials on everyone. A corrupt politician can make innocence look like guilt even if you have a life of spotless virtue.  We have far too many self-serving politicians and bureaucrats who are eager to use that power. Corruption is a symptom of decline, but not its root.

American government was supposed to be simple. The reason was obvious.  The American founders saw royalty in Britain and France use every government as a political weapon.  Every bureau and regulation advanced the political power of the sovereign.  The complex apparatus of government served those in power rather than serving the citizens.  That sounds like the government we have here today.

Here are the obvious examples in case you’ve forgotten.  Now we’ve seen the IRS used against the political opponents of the Obama administration. We’ve seen the EPA used against industries that refuse to make political payoffs. We weaponized healthcare so that political supporters get exemptions to Obamacare.  We even select American immigrants based on their political usefulness.  Those are the symptoms of an imperial and politicized government.

America was supposed to be a classless society without royalty.  America now has a political class.  We have our home grown royalty of Hillionaires who struggle to live on millions of dollars a year.  We’ve seen these politicians weaponize government, and I don’t trust them to govern.  I’d rather elect the local butcher, baker, insurance broker or minister.  These ordinary men and women have America’s interests at heart.  Professional politicians don’t.


You make my point if you argue our current American government is too complex to be run by the ordinary citizen/legislator.  That vast complexity isn’t a high-performance feature; that complexity is a fault. “Too complex to govern” belongs on the trash heap of failed ideas right there with “too big to fail.”

Simplify the government of these Unites States and return power to the citizens. I trust my fellow citizens to solve our problems. I trust them far more than I trust our royal politicians.



Thank you to Clash Daily for publishing an earlier version of this article.


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