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We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet

September 1, 2014


I could not have said it better.


More Defenseless Victims in San Diego County

August 30, 2014

robbed at cruise ship terminal

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said he will protect us and we have no need to protect ourselves.  The sheriff missed the thousands of crime victims last month.  Most victims were unarmed and defenseless.   Here are a few examples from a very long list;

- A group of women were robbed at gunpoint in the Little Italy district at night.  Two were shot.

- A 76 year old man was attacked in a parking lot. The victim required two surgeries to repair damage to his face and eyes.

- A registered sexual offender broke into a house and forcibly kissed and fondled the homeowner. The suspect was booked into San Diego Central Jail on suspicion of burglary, sexual battery, elder abuse and violation of parole.

- A woman walking through North Park was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. She called police once she regained consciousness.

- Two college students were stabbed early Sunday morning in unrelated incidents. Both required hospitalization, but are expected to survive.

- A man was found beaten to death in the front yard of his rural north-county home.

- A 25 year old was beaten unconscious by three people late Tuesday night. Medics transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

- A parolee is back behind bars after kidnapping a 21 year old woman at gunpoint.

Those are a few of the rapes, assaults and murders in San Diego County last month.  These victims were denied the right of self-defense by Sheriff Gore.  He says he can’t issue concealed carry permits to ordinary citizens, but many other California Sheriffs do exactly that.

A three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals went so far as to call Sheriff Gore’s disarmament policy unconstitutional!   Until the full court rules, the citizens of San Diego will remain disarmed.  Every day another 150 San Diego residents become victims of violent crime.  This will continue until Sheriff Gore recognizes their right of self-defense.

SD July



Eureka! Apply Gun Control to Crazy Politicians

August 23, 2014

In California we have to embrace political corruption.  TV and newspapers have stopped condemning government waste and fraud.   The press wants to sell happy stories.. and the legislature knows it.  This is an election year so legislators are eager to see their name in print.  The legislature will pass any bill the press will promote.  Unfortunately the press will promote almost any gun control measure after the last narcissistic psycho-killer beat, stabbed, shot and ran over some white college students in Santa Barbara.  The latest crazy proposals from the California legislature are an array of gun violence restraining orders.  This works for the media and it works for the politicians.  Anti-gun bigotry is an easy sell in California.  Fortunately, we can use these corrupt laws to our advantage.  We finally have legislation that keeps the crazies out of public office!

New legislation allows a police officer to call a judge and collect all your firearms and ammunition.  They say they need reasonable cause.  In fact, all they need is an accusation from an immediate family member, from anyone in California law enforcement, or from any licensed mental health professional.

We’ve heard about “reasonable cause” before.  Legislators said they need reasonable cause for the no-knock raids that kick in the front door at the wrong address.  We’ve seen how that works in practice.  Technically, a court needs reasonable cause for the charges of domestic violence or sexual assault.  In theory, there are penalties for false reporting.  In fact, we don’t see prosecutions for false reporting.. at least not in California.  For a cop on a mission, it only takes an “anonymous” phone call to establish reasonable cause.

Now we can embrace this corruption.  This new anti-gun bill not only confiscates weapons and ammunition from innocent firearms owners, it can bar them from entering sensitive government officesThere it is!  Now we have the legislation we need.

We finally have legislation that keeps the crazies out of public office!

You don’t think California legislators are crazy?  Some of them tried to sell rocket launchers to terrorists.  Those legislators kept their seat in the California Senate!   This new bill can prevent that kind of crazy.   The bill applies to anyone who even visits California.. like our Representatives and Senators that visit a few days a year for fundraising events.   Heaven knows we have enough evidence in the public record to convince any open minded judge there is reasonable cause these legislators present a danger to the public and to themselves.  The public record is filled with years of their insane lies.  This could be model legislation for all 50 states and territories.  All it takes is one honest judge in California.Cal Crazy

 On second thought, finding one honest judge might not be as easy as it sounds.

We Lose When Barack Decides

August 17, 2014

Barack Obama kept his work.  He said he wants to transform America and he is armed with a phone and a pen.  President Obama twists the rules to his advantage and the American people are screwed time and again.  Here are examples of what happened when President Obama gets to choose which laws to ignore, and which laws to enforce.


-This week, two Illegal aliens shot two people in Texas.  A border patrol agent and his father were on a fishing trip in the US.  They were shot during a robbery.  The illegals had been deported several times before because they were known criminals.  Meanwhile, Barack doesn’t want to enforce immigration laws or secure the border.

-The US government has enough money to house illegal immigrants on military bases.  They have enough spare change money to fly illegal immigrants from the southern border to Alaska.  ( I guess they need a few undocumented voters in Alaska.)  Yet we don’t have enough money to treat military veterans in the VA health care system.  Barack wants illegal voters and veterans are not his voting block.

-Remember when we were told that illegals from anywhere in the world wouldn’t be able to receive free healthcare at taxpayer expense?  That was before Obamacare.. before Barack used his phone and his pen.

-The US Environmental Protection Agency can fine you into bankruptcy for obeying the county water board and clearing a drainage ditch.  Meanwhile we close down mines across the United States.  The green lobby and their billionaire donors make some critical campaign donations.  Campaign money talks when you stay home on election day.

-The mountain of new banking regulations choked off small regional banks in favor of the big banks.  Big banks make big political donations.  Small banks get audited if they make loans to companies out of favor with the Democrat administration.  Sorry, but your company is now on a list.

-The US Conference of Mayors issued a damning report on the US economy.  Wages fell by 23 percent since 2008 when Barack took office.  In fact, we’re lucky to find a job at any pay rate.  Our labor participation rate of 62.9% is as low it was under President Jimmy Carter, and the rate continues to fall.  Obama said he wants to even our income.  He has taken away our jobs instead.

BLS Carter

I’ve hardly scratched the surface of our imperial president hurting the average Jane and Joe.  The Obama Administration has given us dozens of lost e-mails.. and lost hope.  The administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.. is instead the most transparently corrupt administration in memory.  I hope the American people will wake up rather than go have another toke.

I hope the news media will wake up and find their outrage now rather than wait for a Republican president to use his phone and pen for political advantage.

Don’t complain if you’re not registered to vote.


A Judge Distorts Gun-Facts

August 16, 2014

District Court Judge Catherine Blake said military style rifles are unusual and dangerous.  That wasn’t an easy decision to reach.  Judge Blake concluded the government needs guns for its protection, but you don’t.  It is her conclusion that doesn’t make sense.  She said our modern semi-automatic magazine fed rifles are unusual.  Maybe we shouldn’t expect much acuity from her given that she was appointed by President Clinton.

Judge Blake said the government may deny civilians the right to own a firearm because the firearm is too dangerous.  Set aside the historical fact that magazine fed semi-automatic rifles were designed over a hundred years ago.  Look at them today.  Modern military rifles are designed to be easy to carry, easy to operate, and adaptable to fit a soldier of any size.  Those features make modern rifles popular with civilians even now.  Set that fact aside too.

Understand that these are the same firearms widely used by law enforcement organizations today.  The government calls these small arms “self-defense” or “personal-defense” weapons.  The judge said is illegal for civilians to own a particular firearm but legal for a government employee to carry that same firearm for the exact same purpose of self-defense.

The judge can not claim that legal gun owners are violent.  Civilian gun owners are more law abiding than law enforcement officers.  Civilians have fewer firearms violations than law enforcement officers.  Civilians are less likely to shoot innocent or unintended victims than law enforcement.  Those facts show that civilian gun owners are not a threat to society.  Judge Blake chose to ignore that fact, but I can’t.

Criminals are a threat, and criminals prey on ordinary citizens.  While each policeman sees many criminals, each criminal will victimize many citizens before he meets a law enforcement officer.  Citizens are at the cutting edge of crime while law enforcement officers are at the cutting edge of evidence collection.  Whatever needs the police have for self-defense, citizens have a greater need.  Judge Blake chose to ignore that.  It is hard to set aside the judge’s biases.


Despite these facts, Judge Blake said the state’s alleged concern for public safety justified disarming civilians.  At the same time, law enforcement says they need these modern rifles for police officers, sheriff’s deputies and for the highway patrol.  The State Department of Fish and Game needs modern rifles too.   Maybe they are imitating the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management who say they need modern rifles.  Don’t forget the Environmental Protection Agency either.  The Post Office, the Department of Education, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association, and the Railroad Retirement Board all say they need modern rifles.  Civilians with a badge need these firearms, but civilians without a badge may not have them.

Judge Blake said these modern rifles are extremely lethal and only used for lethal assault.  According to the judge, every law enforcement officer who carries his patrol rifle intends to engage in a deadly assault and kill civilians.  Somehow it is legally permissible for civilians with a badge to have these lethal firearms but not permissible for you to have them because you don’t have a badge.  The judge is wrong and the facts show it.

Let us ignore the facts and talk politics for a minute.  It makes sense that the government always wants more power.  It makes sense that a power hungry government wants its citizens disarmed.   The judge’s argument is a political rationalization.

This power grab is not unusual, but it is dangerous.  This power grab cannot be ignored or excused.


Young Men and Women Celebrate Firearms, Alcohol and Tobacco in San Diego

August 10, 2014

We celebrated freedom in San Diego last night.  The young republicans put on an evening of firearms, alcohol and tobacco.  Michelle Moons noted how strange it feels to exercise those freedoms in California.  The phrase “Ooo, I like that!” was heard at the range AND the bar.  Here is Michelle’s article at Breitbart, California.


Soldiering on for people still not ready to hear the “K” word | The Virtual Militia Musters Here

August 10, 2014

Killing your enemy has a lot going for it in this case.

Soldiering on for people still not ready to hear the “K” word | The Virtual Militia Musters Here.


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