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Debate Concealed Carry on One America News

November 27, 2014

I was on One America News with Tomi Lahren.  We debated the new concealed carry laws in California. The story plays at these times.
Wednesday November 26th at 9:00pmPST/12:00pmEST
Friday November 28th at 9:00pmPST/12:00pmEST
Saturday November 29th at 5:00pmPST/8:00pmEST
Sunday November 30th at 5:00pmPST/8:00pmEST
Here is the promotional video.



I have a lot to learn about being on camera.


Fun Shooting IDPA at Pala November 2014

November 22, 2014



IDPA draw good speed bad form


I thought a group of friends would join me to shoot an IDPA match today.  They cancelled, so I shot with my old shooting buddies rather than my new shooting buddies.  That remains a joy and I’m lucky to have such friends.

They took my picture during the presentation.  My form comes apart when I reach for speed.  I prescribe more dry practice.

Dirty Jobs for Immigrants

November 22, 2014

Dirty jobs

That about covers it.

Myth and Reality of Self-Defense Law in Texas

November 16, 2014

Some states believe in big government.  These states regulate and weaken their citizens.  We think of the north east and the “Left Coast” as prime examples.  Their reputation has some basis in fact.  In contrast, some states say they trust their citizens.  They say they believe in freedom and responsibility.  Talk is cheap.. and sometimes reputations are misleading.  Texas has some terrible gun laws.  The right of armed self-defense suffers where there is one party rule, be they Republicans or Democrats.  Here are the simple examples, the low hanging fruit, where Texas gun laws can easily improve if the Republicans step up.

Sure, Texas has a Hollywood reputation of self-reliance and self-defense.  That is what we learned from the old black-and-white westerns.  Unfortunately Hollywood movies are not real despite what you see on your smart phone.  Much of what we believe about Texas is a myth.  In contrast, the states of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and California are known for their anti-gun bigotry.  Let’s see how the states compare.

Let me lay down my cards and show you my evidence.  The free state of Texas might let you carry a concealed firearm at your place of business.  I said they might.  You can conceal the tools of armed self-defense in Texas.. unless your business is to heal the sick or heal the soul.  Texas concealed carry law effectively prohibits trained and licensed concealed carry holders from carrying in hospitals, in nursing homes, and in churches.  Hospitals are required to post signs prohibiting carry.  Churches may exclude concealed carriers with a sign.  Unfortunately, the type of sign is not defined in law or court cases.  Most concealed carriers won’t carry at church so they can avoid the legal problems that can come from a brush with the law.

Now let’s look at the anti-gun states.  Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and California do not prohibit concealed carry in churches or hospitals.  Illinois prohibits concealed carry in hospitals but it does not prohibit carry in churches.  In short, other states have better laws for some aspects of concealed carry.  So much for the myth of the shining lone star state!

Some states prohibit firearms and then allow exceptions.  That means gun owners are guilty until proven innocent. New Jersey is a prime example.  Texas does the same thing when it outlaws sound suppressors on firearms.  Texas law then says the state won’t convict you if you can prove you purchased these items legally.  Did you know it is illegal for a Texas gun store to show sign of a handgun in their shop window?  Unfortunately, law abiding Texas gun owners have been arrested and prosecuted under these laws.  All it takes is an anti-gun prosecutor, and they exist.. even in Texas.  A few corrupt government officials are with us everywhere.

What kind of weak kneed Texas legislator signed on to those restrictions and why haven’t they been fixed in all these years?  Today, Republicans outnumber Democrats almost two to one in the Texas legislature.  The Republican majority in Texas didn’t start last week.  Republicans have outnumbered Democrats in the Texas legislature since 1999.  Texas Republicans can’t find the votes to free honest Texas gun owners from the threat of prosecution despite the long Republican tenure as the majority party.

Firearms owners have grown used to abuse in New Jersey and California.  They should expect better in Texas.  I want Texas to shine as a beacon of freedom.  Unfortunately, the mantle is a little dirty.  Those are the facts.

It is time for Texas gun owners to visit their legislators until Texas lives up to its reputation.


Government Approved Bigotry Against Firearms Owner

November 10, 2014


I can’t excuse political abuse by calling it a misunderstanding.  Those rationalizations don’t work anymore.  I can’t explain discriminatory laws as an accidental infringement of our rights.  Let’s tell the truth for a change; some politicians hate firearms owners and have passed bigoted laws to punish us.  These restrictions certainly aren’t done for public safety.  Here are a few examples of crazy gun laws that put all of us at greater risk.  That isn’t an “accident”.

I am a responsible firearms owner.  Say I have contractors working at my home, or my home is damaged in some way and is no longer secure.  In some states, I can’t move my guns to my neighbor’s house for safe keeping.  You heard that right.  It is against the law to move the firearms to a safe place off my property.  Another good reason to store my guns with a friend for safe keeping is if I’m going to be away from home for several days.  Some states outlaw that simple practice.  I suppose I could sell my firearms each time I go on vacation, but it is illegal for me to store them in someone else s gun safe on a temporarily basis.  To do so would be a misdemeanor.  In some states it is a felony for my neighbor to return my guns back to me.  Those are a few of the ways crazy firearms restrictions put all of us at greater risk.

Some states restrict firearms education.  In those states, temporary possession of a firearm is against the law.  That means I could neither bring a firearm to your house for non-shooting educational purposes, nor could you come to my house or business to learn basic firearms safety about your new gun.  Instruction is only allowed at approved shooting ranges.  This is as ridiculous as requiring that student drivers must own their own car before they can take driving lessons.  Oppressive firearms regulations have made it illegal for an instructor to take someone out on private property and teach the student to shoot.  These overly restrictive laws certainly restrict firearms education.  The anti-rights bigots forgot that ignorance about firearms is dangerous!  Maybe they never cared in the first place.

Another way oppressive firearms laws have outlawed instruction is to eliminate shooting ranges.  Several cities require practical experience before a citizen can have a firearms permit.  Some of these anti-rights city councils also regulated private shooting ranges right out of their city.  That looks more like anti-gun bigotry than an mere oversight.

The craziness doesn’t end there.  In some cities it is a crime NOT to file a police report if your guns are stolen.  At he same time, some of the overworked police departments in crime ridden anti-gun cities won’t come out to investigate the theft of your property.  Put those two things together for yourself.  YOU must report a crime that the police don’t want to investigate.  To do otherwise makes you a criminal.

That goes beyond crazy.  That is hardcore bigotry against honest firearms owners.  Some judges simply view firearms owners as criminals.

Let’s not mince words.  People who punish and restrict innocent people are bigots.  Much of the language, and many of the actions, by the anti-rights gun-control groups is designed to alienate gun owners from the rest of society.  The reason is simple.  It is easier for politicians to oppress an alienated minority.  Yes, this is government sponsored bigotry.

The state denies us the right of self-defense for the smallest of reasons.  Seeing this treatment as bigotry and then calling this treatment out is the first step in stopping it.  Let’s call it what it is.


The Favored Few- the Supreme Court Outlaws Discrimination.. sort of

November 8, 2014

man_vs_woman_headerWe used to be men and women.  That was before the latest rulings from the US Supreme Court.  Now men and women are the same.  This judicial finding was news to me, but I’m not as smart as 5 Supreme Court justices.  Now, we have been given official notice that men and women are the same.  That leaves me wondering why the federal government continue to discriminate in the wake of these latest rulings.  Yes, the government discriminates!  Men and women are now officially the same, so why do we need laws to protect women or men any longer?

We are all “people” or purple penguins now.   For one thing, that means we don’t have to let men or women into college.  There is no need for women-owned businesses, because people are just.. people.  Our new found equality makes discrimination impossible because we are all officially interchangeable.  Having a women’s studies department is a clear sign that colleges discriminate.  So are women’s sports teams.  Quick, guys.  Call an ambulance-chasing lawyer because you’re next payout has arrived with a discrimination lawsuit against the local college!

I can hear the objections already.  Perhaps I misunderstood.  Perhaps some of us more equal than others in the eyes of the politicians!?  I bet that is what the judges mean.  What the politicians want is a preferred victim class, and this class owns everyone else because.. well, because it seems we’re not all the same after all.

You think minority women are victims, but they are already given preferred treatment under law.  Take education as an example.  We ignore the fact that fewer men than women graduate from college.  By yesterday’s standards of discrimination, that difference in outcome was a clear sign of injustice and lack of opportunities for men.  Despite that obvious evidence of “discrimination”, we don’t see colleges lowering their admission standards for men.  We don’t see colleges offer more tuition grants and discount student loans in order to attract and retain more men.  Guys, get your civil rights lawyer on speed dial!

But wait a minute.  At the very top end of the performance curve, men are also smarter than women.  That means it must be discrimination and cultural prejudice that is keeping smart women from graduating.  That sounds sexist to me.  That is why we started quotas for women in math, science and engineering.  Women, call 1-800-LAW- SUIT today!

Look in the other direction as well.  At the bottom end of the bell curve, we see more men with mental-health and criminal behavior problems.  Since today’s men and women are the same, that difference in incarceration must be from gender based social and legal discrimination against men.  That isn’t a surprise.  We already tolerate gender based and discriminatory regulations in our family-law, and those laws clearly discriminate against men based on the unequal outcomes we see.  So while politicians want to remove the terms mother and father, our politicians seem determined to keep the terms political winner and political loser.  The solution seems simple enough.  We need more legal discrimination to cure these inequalities against men.

To start, we need higher legal standards of conduct for women.  We need established quotas of prosecution and conviction until we achieve equality between the incarceration rate of the sexes.  If equality is important, we must increase the number of women in prison to equal the number of incarcerated men!

There now, we’ve adjusted the laws so we have a nice and equal outcome.  That finally seems fair.

You say that isn’t what the political power brokers want?  They want all of us to be equal.. but they also want some of us to be more equal than others.  (Thank you, George Orwell.)   Then let us bring our moral standards of fairness up to date.  Now we choose our victim class on how much they favor a political party in power.  (Who knew that George Orwell was not cynical enough!)

You say that isn’t what you want?  If you disagree, then you read the judges rulings and listen to the politician’s testimony.  Maybe then you can explain the shifting sands of the preferred victim class.  I think the only way to stop political favoritism is to limit the scope of government.

I’ll believe we are all equal when they eliminate the EEOC.  Until then, the government continues to play favorites.


A Dozen Here, A Dozen There.. Pretty Soon the Dead Bodies Pile up in Mexico

November 4, 2014

Mayor and his wife are arrested after they ordered the murder of 43 students from a teacher’s college.  I wrote about the murders here.  Now these two politicians are in custody.. along with most of the town police force.

The problem is not the character of the politicians.  They have always been corruptible.  The problem is the amount of power that tempts them.  Reduce the political temptation until it is bearable.




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