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If Black Lives Mattered…

December 20, 2014

Do black lives matter?  The answer depends on who you ask.

NUMBER-ONE-KILLER-2013-FBIf black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t kill so many black children before they are born. Then again, the thousand black children aborted every day do serve a useful purpose. Politicians promised cheap birth control and cheap abortions in exchange for votes. It is clear that cheap sex delivers at the ballot box.  Simply examine the results of the last election.

If black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t destroy black families. We wouldn’t pay single mothers to have unwed children over and over.  We wouldn’t drive black men out of their families and replace men with a government check.

If black lives mattered, then we’d encourage life-long married love in the black community. Life-long married love is how men, women and children thrive for generation after generation. Politicians promised government handouts, and they sacrificed the black family. That deal seems to be working really well so far.. for the politicians.

060613-national-unemployment-rate-uchanged-lineIf black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t destroy the economy of our inner cities. We’d eliminate the minimum wage so poor people could find a job. We’d eliminate the licensing and zoning laws that keep black men and women from starting their own businesses right in their own communities. The struggle for a job isn’t between work and poverty. The struggle is between existing business interests, and poor people trying to get permission from city hall to start a business or get a job. The first rule of politics is to follow the money. Existing businesses and unions don’t want more competition. The money the politicians took from existing businesses and unions has paid off handsomely.. but not for poor blacks.

black-studentIf black lives mattered, then we would let black families educate their children in any school they could find.. rather than forcing their children to attend failing government schools. It turns out that politicians and teachers are more concerned with union support than with educating black children.

If black lives mattered, then we’d condemn racism without noticing whether the racist was white.. or black.

If black lives mattered, we’d at least talk about it rather than say that things can’t change.

..if black lives mattered.

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A Brief History of Violence; How to protect our schools and churches

December 13, 2014

Violence isn’t new.  Violence has always shocked us.  If anything, violence shocks us more now that we have a hundred channels of 24-7-365 media coverage bleeding in wide screen high-definition.  Scholars have studied violence and how real violence has changed over time.  They learned quite a bit from the attacks on our schools, churches and shopping malls.  Their prescription to protect us from violence has changed as well.  Unfortunately, for all the stylized Hollywood violence we watch, we remain ignorant of real solutions.  We, the general public, have yet to catch up with the reality of modern public violence.  The professionals who study violence can now tell us what works to stop violence, but it is up to us to put their prescriptions into practice.  Our government and church administrators will only respond once we tell them what to do.  This is some of what we’ve learned.

“Just give him what he wants.”
There was a time when a hostage taker wanted money and a get-away car.  This was the kidnap model of violence against innocent people.  Maybe the kidnapper also wanted an apology from someone in power and this was the kidnapper’s way of embarrassing a public figure.   The person in power could be a politician, a police official, an employer or maybe an ex-spouse.

The police responded with a negotiator.  Often the hostage situation ended with the hostage taker giving himself up to police.  I’m old enough to remember when people hijacked airplanes and took them to other countries.  Those events were superseded once hostage takers wanted notoriety rather than money.  We discovered that some hostage takers wanted everyone to suffer, not merely a former boss.  The age of the terrorist was born.

“Wait for the professionals to arrive”
Our response to violence evolved as well.  Some police teams were trained to act like military units.  They advanced into situations they knew were violent.  These teams were specially trained to meet violence with violence.  Despite their elite training, it takes time for a SWAT team to gather at a hostage site.  It takes time for the team to collect information and form a plan of action.  It takes time for the team to put on their equipment and move into place.

That was how police responded at the Combine Colorado High School murders.  There we discovered the weaknesses in that special team model.  We gave the terrorists plenty of time to kill vulnerable people while law enforcement organized their perfect professional response.  Our reaction to violent terrorists changed again.

“Go with you and your partner.”
No police officer wants to arrive on scene and see a motionless police officer lying around a corner.  It is the ultimate trap.  The responding officer wants to rush in and save his colleague.  The responding officer also wants to advance carefully on the terrorist with an element of surprise and with minimal injuries to innocent bystanders.   The responding officer is at a huge disadvantage advancing against a terrorist who can sit in a defensive position and kill each policeman as they try to save their fellow officer or a wounded civilian.  That was precisely the situation for which SWAT teams were developed.

There is nothing wrong with a team of specially trained and equipped law enforcement professionals.  They are the perfect tool if you have them on scene.   Unfortunately, a SWAT team is seldom where you need them when you need them.   People who study acts of public terrorism concluded that response time is critically important.  Any delay costs lives.  Each second counts.  Another civilian will die each few seconds until the terrorist comes under gun fire.

Police wisely struck a balance.  They would form a team with the first two officers who arrived.  This team would work together and would immediately advance toward the threat and the sound of gunfire.

“Start from where you are.. with what you have.. and do what you can.”
We are still learning about public violence.  We discovered that the police were really the second responders, not the first.  The first responders were the people who called for help.   The first responders were the people who dragged a wounded victim to safety and gave first aid.  We also discovered something very important.  Sometimes the first responders were armed, and they stopped the terrorist.  These armed first responders did not always kill the terrorist, but they kept the terrorist from roaming among disarmed civilians and killing people at will.

These first responders were armed off-duty police officers, armed military veterans, and armed civilians.  By chance, they were in the right place at the right time.  They gave innocent people time to escape and they gave wounded victims a chance to receive emergency first aid.  These armed first responders stopped the killing of innocent people until the police arrived to kill or capture the terrorist.

Researchers found out that about a dozen more citizens will die if there is no armed first responder at the scene and we have to wait for the police.  That is a matter of luck.  Sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes we’re not.  A dozen lives is a lot to leave to chance.  A dozen lives

“Be prepared.”
Now we know that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, and that saves many lives.  Some states changed their firearms laws in response to this new information.  Some states have not.  Some churches and businesses have changed their policies as well.

The rate of violence in churches closely matches the rate of violence in schools.  As one researcher said to me, schools and churches are both communities, and we bring our human problems with us in every community.  Some churches developed first response teams.  Some of those teams respond to medical emergencies.  Some of these teams respond to physical threats.  In general, churches have been quicker than schools in their organizational response to the physical threats facing their staff and their members.

The reason for that difference is straight forward.  Schools are more heavily regulated than churches.  Some states allow only the police to carry firearms on school property.  Some states go so far as to forbid armed civilians from even coming near a school.  Again, the less regulated private schools have been quicker to adapt to what we’ve learned about violence.  They have been quicker to train and arm school staff and encourage licensed citizens to carry on campus.  There is a huge variation in the level of preparation from school to school across the county.

“Put the odds in our favor.”
The first thing a victim of terrorism does is call for a good guy with a gun.  Slightly more than 1 out of 19 eligible adults have a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Fewer are carrying at any given time and place.  In contrast, there are fewer than one police officer on duty for every 1000 citizens.  That explains why concealed carriers defend us from public violence. Despite their lack of specialized training and despite their unofficial status, armed citizens are more likely than police to be the first person on scene.

A logical way to minimize the impact of mass public violence is to eliminate the gun free zones that disarm the good guys.  We’ve learned that the so called gun-free zones have done nothing to stop criminals and terrorists.  In fact, they attract terrorists.

There are dozens of simple solutions that increase the likelihood of there being a good guy with a gun on the scene of the next attempted mass murder.  Putting them into practice is only a matter of life and death.


Looking Dead Children in the Eye; the truth about school security

December 13, 2014
Sandy Hook

This isn’t pretty, and I can’t be nice about it.  Students and staff were murdered in a public school.  That is what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School two years ago.  It is time we were clear about what happened and why.  An evil man was intent on killing innocent children.  Let’s look at who is to blame and what we can do to protect our children.  All this came up because of some bad propaganda in the press, but more about that later.

What happened at Sandy Hook?  An evil man killed his mother in order to get weapons and kill others.  We need to accept that some people are evil.  These murderers ignore the law.  For us to ignore evil simply invites more disasters.

Legislators, school boards, school administrators and teachers pretended that evil didn’t exist.  They failed to physically protect the children in their school.  They ignored the threat until it was too late.  Even the police are responsible for the children’s deaths.  The police forced children to attend public schools without doing the obvious things to keep the students safe and alive.  We know better.  Some experts study violence.  You can ask them.  Here is how they explain it.

We know about fire in schools.  We demanded that our school building include many features to protect our children from fire.  We also have fire drills at schools.  Those drills train everyone from students to firemen and EMTs how to respond.  Children don’t die from fires in public schools any longer.  Only now have we started to treat public violence with the same concern we’ve show about fire.  We don’t have to ignore physical safety any longer.  The police have already incorporated many of the lessons learned.

State legislators failed us also.  Legislators could have required that schools be designed to protect students from violence.  The local school board had the choice to demand the buildings be updated with safety features.  They could have allowed armed school staff.  A responsible school board would have gone further and demanded that school staff were trained and armed.  The local school board failed us.  So did the staff and teachers.

Yes, even the heroic teachers who threw their bodies in front of bullets failed us.  I never want to see dead heroes.  I always want to keep children alive.  So do you.  So should they.

This idea about school safety came to mind after a piece of propaganda was aired in the press.  A group of Sandy Hook teachers and staff said the gun was to blame for mass murder.  That attitude is called transference and learned helplessness.  The fact is they failed their students.  Now they pretend that the outcome was inevitable and there was nothing they could have done then, and could do now to stop a murderer.  Every policeman on the street knows better.  Most responsible parents know better too.  Today we know the truth even if we didn’t know the truth about mass murders back then.  A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.  That is why the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook called the police to come and save them.

We’ve learned so much.  We’ve learned that seconds count, and we’ve seen that the police are minutes away.  That does not mean we are helpless in the face of evil.  We can and should make our children safer.  Fortunately, many schools and churches are taking the steps to do so by arming their staff.  Thank goodness.

At the same time, some politicians and celebrities say we should disarm.  I don’t believe them.  Notice that the president’s children and the children of celebrities go to school in a physically secure building where they are protected by armed staff.  If you have any doubts about what is true, believe what the celebrities and politicians do, not what they say.


Why Does Obama Lie?

December 8, 2014

The night before the election, the US Department of Justice had a massive document dump to comply with a court order.  We found out that US Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Operation Fast and Furious.  He at least orchestrated the cover-up if he didn’t plan running guns to Mexican drug gangs.  Holder also lied to congress when he, like President Obama, said he found out about running guns from reading the news papers.  The lies were planned in detail and executed with professional precision.

Now we find out the lost IRS e-mails from IRS senior manager Lois Lerner were not lost after all.  A week after the election, the IRS found 30,000 of them.  They will show that the Obama administration was intimately involved in harassing conservative groups.  In short, we were lied to again.  The truth comes out AFTER the election.

The president said we need the world’s poor to immigrate to the US.  In fact, if Obama’s illegals left, we’d save 2 trillion dollars.  Why does he lie?ObamaLyingtoAMerica_Pix

In the US, we have massive debt from all the government money President Obama gave to his friends.  Meanwhile, the homeless go hungry, the elderly need medicines, the mentally ill need treatment, our military needs equipment, and our veterans need the medical care we promised them.  Despite those pressing needs right here at home, President Obama is so desperate for new voters that he opened the borders.

Only the world’s poor and ignorant would think President Obama cares about them.  He sure doesn’t care about us.. and that is no lie.



We Want Less.. a Lot Less Government

December 7, 2014

You won the election.  Now is the time to tell your representatives what you want.  For a combined post-election Thanksgiving present, I want less.  I want government to do a lot less.  I’ll take radical government reduction as-is.  There is no need to gift wrap these cuts for the holidays.  From where I sit, government doesn’t do much right, and government infringes too many liberties in the process.  The corruption and abuse by state and federal agencies has recently risen to new heights.  Today, our government serves the special interests rather than our general interest.  We’re told we can’t exhale because it warms the planet, and we’re told that every puddle is a public waterway that needs to be regulated.  All those rules are void, of course, if your project is represented by a Senator’s son.  That is the sort of abuse and corruption we see across state and federal government.

That corruption is why most government has to go away.  My standards are simple.  I want to eliminate government agencies unless they are doing an excellent job.  Most are not.congress_bloat

We were lied to about Obama care.  Now that Democrats passed it, now that voters know what is really inside the “Affordable Care Act”, now we see how bad Obamacare really is.  Obamacare threw more people off healthcare insurance than it has enrolled.  Obamacare was designed as a massive extension of government power.  We must tell our legislators to kill it.  They can start over.. or not, but this stinking pile of legislation is un-salvageable.

Let’s take the hard cases first.  Yes, even the Environmental Protection Agency has to go away.  These are the same politicized hacks who said every puddle is  restricted habitat and every living thing needs to be heavily regulated.  No, I don’t want the EPA “reformed”.  Reform means the next corrupt politician can pick up this lethal weapon of government and attack us with it.. again.  I want the politicians and political hacks disarmed rather than asking them for a temporary time-out.  Let’s take the EPA out of the federal quiver.  Government sins don’t stop with the EPA.

The IRS was used to attack any group that did not support the Obama agenda.  That included tea party groups, churches, and adoptive parents.  Thousands of IRS tax records were sent to the White House so the Obama administration could spy on it’s political enemies.  That is only the beginning of IRS corruption.  Special tax rules have long been written to pay off political donors in home districts.  You and I, the average tax payer, makes up the difference.  The personal tax section of the IRS code is now a bloated 71 thousand pages long.  The solution is to replace the IRS with the Fair Tax.  I admit the Fair Tax is not a perfect solution.  Fortunately, we don’t need perfect solutions.  The American people simply need a radical improvement over our corrupt and politicized tax system.  If you disagree, I want to hear your argument to support the existing corrupt tax system with its millions of words of regulations.

I’m not done.  I have barely started naming names.

The US Department of Energy was created in the 1970s to eliminate our dependence of foreign oil.  It has been a failure for 4 decades.  Yes, we should eliminate the DoE too!  All the Department of Energy does today is tell us we can’t have domestic energy and hand out subsidies to special interests.  The DoE should die a painful death so it serves as a warning to other government agencies.  Do your job or you’re gone.

The Federal Communications Commission was created to share radio spectrum between competing users.  It was created before cable TV and the internet.  The FCC was created when we had a single phone company.  Today, the FCC wants to regulate the internet in order to stay relevant and have political spoils to dangle in front of politicians.  The FCC is another political nightmare where politicians try to aim legislation at special interests or their political opponents.  I don’t need the FCC and you don’t need it either.  All I need is the right to fire my cable and internet provider if they don’t provide good service.

Let’s do the same thing with the VA and the Department of Education.  It is time we supported education rather than teachers unions.  It is time we supported our veterans rather than a huge healthcare bureaucracy.  Vouchers accomplish both.  More importantly, vouchers let the recipients fire crappy government providers.

I have not listed my special interests.  Instead, I’ve commented on the government abuse that harms all Americans.  You might think I want to dismantle all government and that I’m against the government taking any action at all.  We need the government to do a few things.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration injected politics into even the most basic of government functions.

We need to close the borders and eliminate all subsidies, including employer tax credits, for illegal aliens.  Our current social subsidies to illegal aliens were imposed by judges, not by legislators.  It is time our representatives fixed that.  There, I said it.  I can’t wait for the libertarians to call me racist for advocating the same measures every other country takes for its own security.  Secure the borders.  That is one thing the government might be able to do correctly.  Maybe.  The court of public opinion is still deliberating.

In the mean time, tell your federal legislators what you want.  Your local legislators are listed here.

Testifying for Self-Defense Before the San Diego Board of Supervisors

December 5, 2014

A friend asked us to testify before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.  Each of us spoke about Sheriff Bill Gore denying citizens the right to keep and bear arms for defense.  Click on the picture to see the video.  Once the video starts, click on the line that says “Public Communication Speakers” to hear our remarks.  Thank you, Michael Schwartz, Commodore Mike Taylor and Eric Andersen.

Have you spoken to your county officials?

SD testemony



Obama, Chicago, and the Politics of Open Borders

November 29, 2014


Everything I needed to know about President Barack Obama, I learned in Chicago.  That is where President Barack Obama was a community organizer.  President Obama found and delivered needy voters to the Democrat political machine.  That was Obama’s first and only job.  That is where President Obama learned politics.  So did his staff.  Look at the results.  The Democrat machine in Chicago wiped out the middle class.  Light-manufacturing businesses once formed the economic backbone of Chicago.  Now they are gone.  The middle class left Chicago for other cities, or other states.  Now Obama did the same thing to America.   That is why the borders are open today.

The American people need jobs while President Obama’s phone and pen have wiped out jobs across America.  It started with banking reform, forced unionization, and finally with Obamacare.  President Obama systematically hurt firms from coast to coast.  Manufacturing needs materials and energy.  Our President closed mines across the US and restricted oil drilling on federal lands.  Politically imposed water restrictions created new dust-bowls in the western states.

The economic downturn has reduced demand for electricity.  Regulation has driven up electricity prices despite the decreased demand.

The American people have had enough.  We said so in the last election.  We turned to the Republicans in hope they would give us fewer imperial solutions and leave us alone to solve our problems.

That means President Obama has to solve one final problem.  He needs new voters for the Democrat Partie.  Where can he find these voters after he’s already destroyed the working middle class across America?  Chicago imported a new generation of poor people to replace the middle class.  Now, President Obama wants to import unskilled, low-opportunity voters from South America.

We’ve seen this before in Chicago.  We know how this will turn out.  Once you destroy their jobs and their families, once you put them on welfare, give them government food, housing, education and healthcare.. then you own them.  You own these new voters for life, if not for generations.  The new immigrants will vote the way they are told.

Welcome to the new plantation and the same old slavery.  Hey, it is an ugly solution, but it works for Democrat politicians.

Barack and the Democrat party need more voters.  That is why the borders are open for low skilled immigrants.  Ask yourself this- how long would it take Barack to close the border if the immigrants were evangelical home-school families?  I’m guessing the border would be secured overnight.  Immigration was never about compassion for the poor.  It was, and will be, about votes.  The compassion for immigrants would evaporate if anchor babies were not citizens and the wave of border-crashers and their children were permanently denied the right vote.  That is how Mexico treats immigrants.  That is what most countries do.

There are a few risks to the Democrat’s plan to import voters.  The propaganda arm of the Democrat party has some heavy explaining to do.  They have to convince the working poor that these waves of unskilled immigrants are not taking jobs from America’s poor.  Barack needs a serious re-education plan for America’s poor.  The poor have to be taught that their poverty is really about racism.  That is an easy sell in some communities.  The main stream media is exactly the tool to spread that propaganda.Propaganda machine

If you want to know about President Barack Obama, then look at Chicago and believe what you see.




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