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Colorado May Cure its Hickenlooper Blues come Election Day

October 28, 2014

Colorado  voters may cure their Hickenlooper Blues come election day.  Listen to this guitar blues number that drew inspiration from the writing of David Codrea.  We should also credit the foibles and fumbles of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.Hickenlooper Blues


A Disarmed Population is Ripe for Corruption

October 26, 2014

Disarmed citizens are helpless against armed thugs.  I wrote about Mexican corruption where the local mayor ordered the police and drug gangs to murder political protesters.  The protesters great sin was to protest a rally where the mayor’s wife spoke.

Now, the drug gangs murder anyone who reports on such stories.  None dare write, tweet or blog.. except with the approval of the narco-cartel.  This is another great failure of citizen-disarmament!

Anti-rights groups here in the US want us to adopt Mexican style prohibition against firearms.


I Can’t Make You Care About Politics

October 25, 2014

You don’t care about politics.  It is too much bother to for you to vote.  Really?

Do you care if people have jobs?  A third of us are not working.  We have an administration who uses their phone and their pen to pile a trillion dollars of new regulatory cost on industry.  The only growth industry in the Obama economy is processing unemployment and welfare benefits.

Do you care about immigration?  The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population.  We have a White House who wants to invite the other 95 percent to live here and vote for them.  Guess who gets to pay for it.

too cool image

Do you care about the next generation of Americans?  New government debt and taxes will cripple us for generations to come.  Do you plan to live here or leave?

Do you care about religious freedom?  The government now tells churches who they can hire, who they can fire, what they can say, and who they can donate to.  Religious freedom has been reduced to the freedom to worship.

Do you care about your liberty and free elections?  The federal government refuses to prosecute voter fraud.  At the same time, they challenge state laws that require voters identify themselves.

I could give more examples.  Do I need to?  Politicians are not perfect.  I know we don’t get the choices we want to vote for.  Despite that, it seems we have every reason to vote this year.  The reason is simple.  Politicians are running our lives.. whether we care about politics.. or not.

First posted at Clash Daily.

You know you had a good day at the range when…

October 25, 2014

You know you had a good day at the shooting range when..

You are the first shooter of the combat handgun match and get a procedural penalty.  Ah.  Now I understand!  That is why we are supposed to pay attention during the walk through.  All shooters have the I.Q. of a flatworm once the buzzer sounds.

Beep!  – – – – – 

I didn’t suck as bad as I thought!  The last stage was taken from a backyard barbecue.  The stage started with your hands buried in an ice chest.  That was the moment three “thugs” attacked your guests from behind your back.  You had to pull your hands out of the ice, turn around, step around an innocent guest, then draw and engage three targets.  I scored well and did not shoot the hostage!  It was also so hot that the ice-water felt good on my hands.  Ahhh.  I overheard a father whisper to his son, “I won’t say a thing, but you have to explain to mom that you shot the no-shoot hostage.”  Been there.

IDPA Standing

I bought groceries on my way home and found a handful of cartridges in my pocket as I walked through the checkout line.  I decided to pay with my credit card.   Better pay with the card than sort out the 25 cents pieces from the 45 cartridges in the middle of a check out line.  Yay, more ammunition!

I helped score a few stages.  I took advice and gave advice.  All in all, a great day at the range.  May you have many like it.
IDPA seated

Here is a shout out to Craig B. for giving me the pictures!

Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander | National Review Online

October 24, 2014

Whey you only have a community organizer, everything looks like grant money and midnight basketball. That doesn’t work for the economy or for ISIS.

Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander | National Review Online.

Crazy Gun Control Fantasies in California

October 22, 2014


In California, we recently passed a law that lets a doctor take away your guns.  A mental health professional can ask a judge for a firearms restraining order.  So can a cop or a family member.  They get to take away your means of self-defense; every gun, bullet and gun part.  This new legal power will be abused.  Ask any divorce lawyer if you don’t believe me.  The law will also be ineffective in stopping crazy people who want to kill.  How do we know the new law will fail to stop the mentally ill?  We know because crazy people have told us.  Some of the crazy people are evil and they lie.  Here is a recent example.

The young murderer who shot up the Arapahoe High School in Colorado planned his attack for months.  He wrote about it and called himself a “psychopath” in his secret diary.  This murderer was a narcissistic loon!  He vowed revenge for slights dating back to elementary school.   The murderer wrote that he wanted to commit “mass murder and be in a place of power where I and I alone are judge, jury and executioner.”  That, friends, is called a clue that he’s crazy.

The mental health professionals missed those “clues”.  The Arapahoe murderer was a discipline problem at high school and threatened his debate coach.  After that incident, the murderer was required to take two mental health evaluations.  Both evaluations were within a few months of his attack.  The murderer first took a threat assessment from a school psychologist.  The second evaluation was by therapists at a private behavioral clinic.  The doctors determined he was a low-level threat.  Yes, they described him as a threat in their reports.  So how did this murderer pass the mental health screening designed to keep us safe from violent predators?  In his diary, the murder said, “Let the record show I lied through my teeth (during) the test.”  Sociopaths lie.  Does that surprise anyone?

The proponents of the new firearms regulations said they will keep us safe.. this time.   They promised to only take guns from people who are crazy, criminal, or corrupt.  We’ve heard the same promise before.  Gun control advocates already passed 23 thousand gun laws.  They said that each and every new regulation was the one that would keep us safe.

You and I would have to be insane to believe them.  I guess we were.  New York proposed a firearms restraining order law similar to the one recently passed in California.  Now that is crazy.


Mass Graves in Mexico  40 students presumed murdered by police/drug cartel

October 20, 2014

The facts are simple.  The conclusions are not.  The facts are 43 students at a rural Mexican teacher’s college are missing and presumed dead.  Searchers found 10 mass graves in the area.  They uncovered 28 badly damaged bodies so far.  We know the students were stopped by police as they traveled to a remote town.  We know the police have close ties to the narcotics gangs.  22 policemen have been held for questioning.  The local police chief has fled to avoid questioning.  The head of the local drug gang died in a shootout with police.  Local sources assume the police gave the students to the local drug gangs for execution.

Protesters demanding an investigation burned down the capital office buildings in Chilpancingo.  Chilpancingo is the capital of the Mexican state of Guerrero.  You may be familiar with Guerroro since Acapulco is its largest and the best known city.

How does this relate to us in the US?  The problem is not a thousand miles south of the border.  Everyone in the United States is familiar with the problems of political corruption.  In the case of the murdered students, I see a confluence of monopoly power created by bad political decisions.

Drug prohibition put enormous wealth into the hands of corrupt people.  Politicians created and maintain that prohibition.  Crushing government regulation and corruption smothered honest businesses.  The bad business environment drove people into the black market.  Politicians created those regulations, and pass more every month.  Politicians prohibited the civilian ownership of firearms and their use for self-defense.  That left law-abiding citizens as easy victims.  Each of those decisions can be reversed in Mexico.

We tried the same political policies in the United States.  The difference between Mexico and the US is simply a matter of degree.  Think back and you can see our politicians trying to sell us similar decision.  We know where these decisions lead.

Drug prohibition creates local monopolies controlled by drug gangs.  Government regulations create huge barriers that protect existing companies.  The prohibition against armed self-defense creates vulnerable victims who depend on either the police or the drug gangs for protection.  That sounds all too familiar.

Those political choices led to this ugly situation in Mexico.  It does not explain why we voted for similar choices in the United States.  I hope we will learn from 43 Mexican students who wanted to be teachers.

Elections have consequences.

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